The Week That Was – 7th October 1979

Record of the week: Sex Pistols – The Great Rock N Roll Swindle, Rock Around The Clock
Highest entry: Fleetwood Mac – 30

2nd Aug 2022 – The exploitation of the Sex Pistols legacy had almost run its course by now but for me, anything related to it was still exciting. I don’t mind some Fleetwood Mac these days though I think I would only know their hits. I recognise their songs sometimes when they appear in the guitar app, Yousician.

7th October 1979
2p 2p

8th October 1979

9th October 1979
St Michaels lose 6-4 and No
2p 2p

2nd Aug 2022 – I don’t remember this football game specifically but a lesson I learned this year from Mr Ewing involved my team being awarded a free kick just inside our forward half. I gave it an almighty hoof and almost scored. Everyone was amazed I could kick it so far. But Mr Ewing brought me down to earth saying that if it went in the goal wouldn’t have counted because it was an indirect free kick, meaning it had to touch another player before going in the goal. Way to kill a boy’s happy moment!

I think I mentioned before that at this time I was now in year 3 and the school football team was made up of year 3 and year 4 players, so I didn’t get much of a run.

10th October 1979

11th October 1979
1. Police
2. Buggles
3. Blondie
4. Michael Jackson
5. Status Quo
6. Rainbow
7. Gary Numan
8. Bellamy Bros
9. Lena Martell
10. Kate Bush
2p 2p

12th October 1979
2p 2p

13th October 1979
Ipswich 1-2 Liverpool
Ipswich bottom

2nd Aug 2022 – I think Ipswich must have turned this around quite quickly. It was only a year since winning the FA Cup and I remember doing well in Europe. Perhaps that was at the cost of not doing so well in the league.

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