*The Week That Was – 19th January 1981

Single of the week: Wild Willy Barrett – We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

19th January 1981
Wrote a good poem
like J C Clarke

20th January 1981
Waiting for the next episode of Grange Hill
Quite a good day

21st January 1981
16UP hope it’s better than last week with some

22nd January 1981
Bad day I hate school

23rd January 1981
Have to see Kneeves for something
> Been made a prefect

24th January 1981
Shrewsbury 0 – Ipswich 0
replay Tuesday
Got a good edition of Sounds Oi

25th January 1981
Mum’s not working
Shirley is instead

This week’s chart-topper is John Lennon – Imagine
Highest new entry: John Lennon – Woman

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