*The Week That Was – 2nd March 1981

Single of the week: Restricted Code – First Night On

2nd March 1981
Shall I give my 5-page drug article to the school mag?

3rd March 1981
YES! It’s quite good

4th March 1981
St. Etienne 1 – Ipswich 4

5th March 1981
West Ham lost 4-1 at home
Liverpool won 5-1 at home
Newport drew 2-2 away

6th March 1981
Doin’ me back with all this typing

7th March 1981
Forest 3 – Ipswich 3

8th March 1981

This week’s chart-topper is: same as last week UGH
Highest new entry: Kim Wilde – Kids in America

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