*The Week That Was – 15th June 1981

Single of the week: Bad Manners – Can Can, Splodgenessabounds – Cowpunk Medlum

15th June 1981
Not bad
Adam and the Ants

16th June 1981
Dead Kennedys out
oh well

17th June 1981
Frampton got hit on the head by a cricket ball

1st Feb 2023 – I remember this as being Jonathan Duncan, not Tim Frampton, either way, the sound of the ball hitting the side of his head was sickening and dropped him to the ground for a good few minutes. I wonder if there was any long-term effect from that?

18th June 1981
Did Adam and the Ants talk in music

19th June 1981
Farmer’s a creep
Creep creep

20th June 1981
Anti Pasti, UK Decay, Cure, Clash, Damned
That’s what I got

21st June 1981
I missed today out

This week’s chart-topper was: Faggy Robinson’s Barley Water – Bee’s With You

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