*The Week That Was – 6th July 1981

Single of the week: Bauhaus – Passion of Lovers, Modettes – Tonight

6th July 1981
A good day
Something happened but I can’t remember (July 10)

7th July 1981
Same as yesterday

8th July 1981
East Dorset
1st, 1st and 3rd
Fuckin hot

9th July 1981
Started raining
Fuckin hot and wet

10th July 1981
in Sounds

2nd Feb 2023 – This would have been about the Apocalypse Now tour with Exploited, Discharge, Anti Nowhere League and Chron Gen and not connected with the movie of the same name.

11th July 1981
Strength Thru Oi
Seb Coe breaks another record. YAWN

12th July 1981
Made a tape
Well, half a tape

13th July 1981
This week’s chart-topper is: The Specials – Ghost Town

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