Paddy Wagon – 17th October 1983

Paddy paddy paddy wagon
Take you to the nick
Paddy paddy paddy wagon
Do just the trick
Arrested from all hope
At last night’s do
It was a fun party
Til the coppers joined in too

7th May 2023 – This possibly connects to a great party at someone’s house in Colehill. I think it was someone I vaguely knew from a year or two below me in school. It was fun for a while, a big house with lots of rooms to discover, parents away.
But it got boring watching the trendy kids dance to mind-numbing disco crap so I went around to find rooms empty of people and started stealing little bits and pieces that might go unnoticed for a while. As I got more into it though I started taking more.
The next day I heard that the police had been called to come and investigate and I waited at home wondering if I would get arrested. Nothing came of it in the end though. My apologies to any of the kids that I may have traumatised.

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