Like You’ve Been Told – 25th October 1983

Spraying on deodorant, splashing on Brut 33
You must be a man, you must be a man
Not like me
Never consider wearing makeup
That’s for girls you know
But it’s what you’ve been told, it makes you so bold
You must be a man, you must be a man
You must be normal, not like I am
Suave and sophisticated, cool and dedicated
Manly and handsome, holding girls to ransom
Keep up your image and comb your hair
You look so false but I don’t care
Cos it’s your fault that I don’t like you
And many people are going off you too
The smell is overpowering
Getting up my nose
And the tumour gets bigger
As the cancer grows

12th May 2023 – I found the advertising to the sexual archetypes nauseating. I couldn’t understand why what you wore, looked like, smelled like etc was more important than your behaviour and the way you treated people (not that I was any good at that either!).

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