Atrox – Live in Dorchester – 15th March 1985

Atrox, Disciples of the Elder, (A poet), Other Side Of The Fence at the Cornwall Hotel, Dorchester

28th Aug 2022 – Disciples of the Elder, I think was Andy Andersen’s band at the time. I had tried previously to get a band together with him called Violent Rubbish or possibly Satan’s Children (which I self-tattooed on my left wrist) along with Justin Butler on bass and Simon on drums. We had one practice at Justin’s school somewhere in Hamworthy but never got it together for another as we had few transport options and all lived in different towns.

This was my first show singing with Atrox, having finally begged my way into my favourite band and convincing them that having two singers wasn’t a bad thing. It was pretty unusual at the time. I say singer but I always correct myself to say vocalist. I was so stoked to be up on stage with my new friends and in a band that I considered far superior to Andy’s.

Other Side Of The Fence was Rich Waitland’s band I believe and a couple of years later he would play a small part in my life in another band.

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