Poems on this day – 1st May 1989

Beautiful Air

The beautiful air I breathe
Is not contaminated and diseased          
With the filth from your cities  
The beautiful land I see          
Is where I would like to be      
Together, you and me
The beautiful feeling I hold inside        
Is for you alone   

Turtle Underwater

Swimming in the specific notion
For your ailments I have a potion         
Rub it on like a milky lotion    
No problems, no commotion 

We Know What You’re Up To

Got a mind itching, I just can’t relax
Wanna know the truth, wanna hear the facts       
If I knew what you were up to  
I think I’d age twenty years 


There was an accident on the corner today
I saw the fireman take the victims away  
People watched in morbid curiosity       
Five people dead – one whole family      
Chicken and chips please        
What else does the paper say?

Let me know your thoughts

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