Poems on this day – 9th May 1989

Ten Men

Ten clever men sat smelling the orchids
Then ten clever men started feeling awkward
When ten clever men – psychiatrists
Examining each other’s peculiar twists
Ten clever men started again
Repeated the session over and over again
Discovered not as clever as had thought
Ten men – a lesson had been taught

Abstract as a Function

World – grows bigger every day
We’ll sink into the sea before I get a say
The sky’s choke on poison we dare not breathe
If I had a chance I’d like to leave
This is abstract around me
Something we can see

Drinking Problem

I have no drinking problems as your scars will show
I have no drinking problems ‘cos I told you so
I can take my drink – I don’t drink much
Drinking problems – I have none as such
You’re the one who has the problems
The black eye, the cigarette burns
Everyone laughs at you
Hell, even I do
I couldn’t do half the things you say
I can’t remember them anyway


Throw your frisby to a friend
Repeat it over again
Try and catch it if you will
Throw it back harder still

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