*Green Day, Jailcell Recipes, Older Than Dirt – Joiners, Southampton, Hampshire, UK – 17th December 1991

Video evidence

Was that me handing the paper to Billie Joe to announce Rich “The Scene” Levine’s birthday at 38 and half minutes in?

Rich’s memory, taken from the STE Collective Facebook page:

S.T.E. 31! – GREEN DAY/JAILCELL RECIPES/OLDER THAN DIRT – Tues 17 December 1991 – Southampton Joiners.
Probably the most talked about S.T.E. gig! Whilst there was a bit of excitement about GREEN DAY coming over, I don’t think anyone would have predicted how big they were going to become. OLDER THAN DIRT opened with a typically rocking set. JAILCELL RECIPES from Merseyside played their 3rd Southampton gig (following 2 for Urbcore). The tour was booked D.I.Y. style by the Christy, Aidan & Mary Jane camp & my diary tells me 75 people came to the gig. Now as I (Rich) know/knew 90% of the people who were that night, over the years I have had people swear they were there that I know damned well weren’t! GREEN DAY had received the advance copies of their 2nd ‘Kerplunk’ LP that day & after Shaun had let on it was just after my 25th birthday I ended up being presented with the last copy they had & I still have it. People have often asked me if I got the record signed, to which I say that I didn’t even think about that – they were just another D.I.Y. touring band & would have laughed if I’d asked them to sign it. Afterwards, GREEN DAY stayed at Mike’s gaff & Billie Joe left a mess in the bathroom after dyeing his hair. Steve & Burgess Maria Christina ended up putting up JAILCELL RECIPES at their Eastleigh flat simply because there were fewer people with them than GREEN DAY – something Chrissy has often rued when telling fans of the band about it years later. Back at the flat, we watched the video of all the bands that Sean from Wigan filmed earlier & it is this footage that appears on YouTube. The flyer backdrop I used was from the insert to the debut GREEN DAY LP ’39/Smooth’. Years later ‘Kerrang!’ re-produced the flyer in a feature on the band & mocked the “princely entrance fee”

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