All I want is a room with a view – 1st February 1994

White rabbits Mary says to say!

Burnt pizza and Piat D’or – our celebratory meal for this – the first day of a new month.  So much to look forward to – I look forward to every moment.

Me and Broni dance like serpents across the living room floor – slipping our tongues over each other’s golden skin, so smooth and soft.  A mad dash to the bedroom and my baby straddles me and writhes along with me to our own sweet music.

We dance properly to crazy love tunes after and revel in the glory of our own happiness and pleasure.  I fix the room up some more and sing songs of the Suns.  Tonight I feel free.  Free from the outside world, free from exploitation and outside influence.  I’m inside my head and my head tells me I’m happy.  Not as I was a couple of years ago.  I needed drugs to get inside my head but lost the essence of what was outside.  I was trapped.


I still have pleasurable memories of particular moments and I’m thankful for the experiences.  We all have different learning processes.  I’m glad my mind is still open for learning.  Onward is our quest for knowledge.

Let me know your thoughts

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