….the horror… – 20th February 1994

The laziest weekend this side of Christmas saw us at the cinema Friday night with Simon, Rowna, John and Mary to see Wayne’s World 2.  We saw a really badly done crossdresser and everyone could not control their childish laughter.  I thought he had a lot of guts to go out in women’s clothes though he did look ridiculous – not because he was male but just by what he was wearing. The film was ok, it made us laugh a bit but was basically trash!

Saturday caught us on a mad shopping spree in Boscombe.  I picked up a 7″ single with about 20 fanfares on which we played at full volume when we got home later.  We also picked up picture frames, Sandman comics, a jazz CD, Mahavishnu CD and……an acoustic guitar!  Broni lost control in the music shop where the guy let her loose on the keyboards.


We watched Apocalypse Now (again) and it blew me away (again)!

Woke up on Sunday with a rush of snow outside which didn’t settle.  We bummed around the house most of the day.

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