Let’s get physical, let me hear your body talk – 26th March 1994

The sun streaming in uncurtained windows, we woke wrapped in each other. Warm and cosy like teddy bears. My usual morning passions stirred I proceeded to kiss my sweetheart all over her soft skin until it had the desired effect and she began to return kisses gently. Our lips met and sparks ignited our passions until our frenzy was spent! Half an hour later we repeated the performance. We later went to town and I got my haircut (quite severely) and bought some expensive chocolate. We came home and once again repeated our performance like it was the end of the world tomorrow. She has also been knitting a new cardigan when I gave her the chance and it looks like it’s going to be a work of art. She doesn’t do things by halves that’s for sure. We went out to the park with John and played for an hour with the rugby ball. I wanted to carry on but they’d had enough. Work hard play hard I say! On our return she returned to her knitting but I soon interrupted with the promise of fulfilment. We undressed and I licked her body into a frenzy and orgasm before entering her from behind until I too reached my climax. It’s been one of those physical kind of days and her body is my shrine to worship.

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