I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike – 29th March 1994

Sunday – lazy day – with the one hour lost we didn’t really wake up until midday. We bummed around the house til we made a decision (!) to go bike riding.

The weather wasn’t as nice as yesterday but was okay. Quite cold to start on our bikes but we put our hoods up and braved it. We headed for the Branksome Chine woods and threaded our way down to the beach through beautiful trees and paths. It was bitterly cold at the beach but we cycled along to one of the other chines and up that. Our first real leg tester! As we came up to the top of the hill it became warmer and we made our way home through lots of backstreets and woods, passing by some of the biggest houses we’ve ever seen. We had stiff limbs and sore bums after our first bike ride of the year!

Hurray for random images found on the internet.

Time seemed to run on fairly quickly and before we knew it the evening was upon us. It was brilliant that it didn’t get dark until about 7.15pm. Everyone was in a good mood. Broni even washed the floor, now looking shiny and new.

We watched a video about the Australian rainforest (Lamington National Park) where Bronwyn has been! It looks beautiful and we thought we may have our honeymoon there. We curled up into bed late and fell asleep quickly. Our love to keep us warm.

Happy birthday Rob!

Monday morning caught up with us and we wandered our merry ways to work. Coming home was the best thing. Broni’s eyes lit up when she saw me and she dragged me upstairs and devoured me sensually.

We went and got our passport photos done for our visas. Then I dropped my sweetheart at Kerry’s as she was going out to a meal with her and a friend. This left me with a few hours alone so I carried on writing up my story which is coming along well I think.

Broni came home happy and cheerful. We finished our visa forms which really stressed us out – by now it was time to sleep. We slept magically! Hey, you know Broni actually sang in her sleep yesterday night! Weird!

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