For you I’d waive expenses, to try and help you out, for your beauty influences the landscape hereabouts – 10th April 1994

So we walked around 18 holes in wind and light rain, laughing and playing. I got into the long shots, while Broni had better judgement on the greens. She had fun getting up one hill before despairing and throwing the ball. This took a few hours, slow that we were.

We went to pick up our new tent which these guys took down for us and then rushed down to the pub where beer promised to be 99 pence a pint. We got cleaned up and smellied up a bit but we only stayed for one drink, opting for takeouts and putting up the ‘Beaver Creek 3’ near the lake before dark and rain. We only just made it and looked out across towards the lights of Ambleside eating cheese and biscuits and drinking sparkling rose – we celebrated how far we’ve come in just seven short days. Not totally comfy but spacious as hell, our tent, we fell asleep in each other’s arms, once again to the sound of rain crashing down on our flimsy home roof.

Still cloudy in the morning, but not raining, I cooked up a pot noodle which we ate sat on tree stumps inches from the water. Ducks and swans came to investigate and we fed them cream crackers at our feet till we ran out and they got bored waiting.

Tent packed up in a jiffy we set off, confident our car would get us home if we took it easy. Petrolled up and close to the motorway that noise happened again. We stopped for a minute but drove on slowly till the noise got louder and the battery light lit. I pulled up, Broni ran to a house to phone our rescue people. Thankfully they came soon and the guy fiddled about a bit and then said to follow him back to the garage where he told us we needed a new alternator to the tune of £100! We rang Britannia who said they wouldn’t pay for any of it but we needed it, so resigned ourselves to pay it. While he was getting it ready though they phoned back and said they’d pay for half which was a light relief for us!

Some two hours later – much fiddling about we set off on our tiring journey home, stopping off to see Heather, Sheila and Hugh in Stoke-on-Trent (which was a good break for both of us). Onwards, and darkness descending we hit home about 9 o’clock. I unpacked the car while Broni cooked up a treat of a meal and we continued running around till we fell flat exhausted in bed.

Although upon reflection I’ve been a trifle green
I still think with affection on everything that’s been
So prepare that fatted calf
And string up the bunting gay
Your brisk and bonny ploughboy is coming home today

Let me know your thoughts

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