She has a bomb, she has a plan, she kills imaginary men – 1st July 1994

Here’s more about learning to let go when things are out of your control.

Julie, one of our housemates, was totally pissed on Wednesday before we all went out to see John-boy performing in the play ‘The Got girls’ (more on that later). I took an instant dislike to her the day I met her (don’t ask me why – just one of those feelings) and she’s done nothing to impress since then (in about two months). Our cooker mysteriously got broken too and I can honestly say the rest of us would have owned up immediately to each other (all of us deny any knowledge).

Anyway, Wednesday, pissed as a rat in the afternoon, we eventually managed to organise her to get to come to this play. She’s bullshitting on about moving into our room after we leave (which, in everyone’s interest would not be a good idea) and also getting a dog! We said no way. She said she got in touch with Tony Newton, who acts as our landlord and he said it was okay and she, pathetically, keeps going on about it.

I started to worry a bit about her falling asleep drunk with a lit cigarette and also about the men she brings home sometimes from the pub. Anyways, she’s complaining about the telephone bill and hasn’t paid the rent, claiming Tony Newton knows all this.

So I ring Mr Newton on other business and just mentioned these things and ha! What do you know – he hasn’t heard from her at all!

What to do now I wonder – house meeting in order!! New girl, Michelle, moves in tomorrow and I don’t think she’s going to be too impressed either. well that’s some more gossip for you.

The play and John-boy were both excellent. Really funny and despite lots of mistakes was performed with heart and soul. More later.

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