There will always be someone bigger than you – 7th July 1994

Now is later and last night went okay in the fact then I managed to relax a bit. Unfortunately Broni had lots of work to do which kept her going till late.

John-boy’s bought himself a motorbike and hadn’t told Sarah he had it, so last night she came round and John crept outside while she was in the kitchen to go and start the bike (and show off his prize new possession (or penis extension as I called it!)). Unfortunately it wouldn’t start and took about 40 goes to kick it over. With each kick his ego shrinking! John bounces right back and is embarrassed about nothing really.

Tony Newton, the landlords agent, came round tonight to talk to Julie. Apparently he got the tears and everything. He also got her video player as a deposit against money she owes. Ha! She’s not a very happy girl and though we do feel sorry for her we would like her to be somebody else’s problem, and she’s the only one who can do anything for her.

Had a chat with Michelle tonight too and she’s pretty sound. Very straightforward and, I like this word for someone, nice! Also had time to sneak in some ballgames up at the park, with a mad dog running around, slippery tongue a-dangling, on speed or something.

Broni and I eventually, together, slept like babies wrapped in each other and woke this morning light beaming in the windows of our hearts. And I wish I could sit and write more and talk in depth about emotions and feelings but time is not here on my side just now (I do still work eight hours a day!).

One day I want to write about every single person I know – a brief summary of what they meant to me. One day, along with all the other things.

Let me know your thoughts

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