Enjoy yourself, this is the new age – 4th August 1994

Since then things have been quiet, relative to the last two weeks, only incident’s being getting our deposits back off Tony Newton only for him to phone up accusing us of stealing the TV from the house. John was under the impression it didn’t belong to the house so we sold it for a fiver! Luckily I could get it back so I dropped it over only to find Tony back on the phone saying that’s not the right TV! I’m just laughing at it all now – it’s into joke territory!

Besides that, work took a turn yesterday as I was literally accused of stealing money from the till! Not by my boss but by his. My boss Sid trusts me ok but I was pretty damn pissed off so I’ve told him I’m not going to have any involvement with cash whatsoever, which really restricts the work that I can do. If he doesn’t like it, he can lump it. What a shitty thing to get said with only three weeks left there.

As you can imagine I’m not pushing myself at all anymore and with my wrist I may even have to stop writing again which means I’ll be able to do even less work. I’m looking forward to not working for a while that’s for sure. Rest and relaxation I’m not too accustomed to but heck, I’ll try anything.

Let me know your thoughts

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