Nothing means nothing to me – 11th August 1994

Went to the other doctor (mentioned last post) but he refused to see me, being as he was so close to the other (first) doctor – so much for a second opinion! Got back to work and wrote some but things deteriorated very quickly until I was unable to write or lift anything. Went by to the first doctor I saw and thankfully, this time he was more helpful – prescribing drugs, referral to occupational therapy to get a wrist splint and, at last, x-rays of my wrist. Oh yes, and I got signed off work for two weeks, me only having two weeks left to work anyway!

So, on the Wednesday I went early up to the hospital expecting to wait all day for appointments and got everything done within an hour. A nice wrist support , x-rays and down to pick up medicine at the chemists. Spent the rest of the day reading and walking round town, until Broni got back and we went off to see the film ‘Sirens’ in Bournemouth. A reasonable film but a bit slow.

Walked through the park as millions of candles were being lit amongst all the flowers and bushes in the gardens. Hundreds of people milling about, watching the youth orchestra on the bandstand, heading for the pier or the beach, or heading home after a long day keeping their kids amused, with the kids being on school holiday and this being the height of the tourist season. Things do not seem quite as sinister as London in that respect – for one, you could smell the flowers and not exhaust fumes!

Ok, gotta go before my wrist explodes.

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