Alternative China – 7th March 2011

Alternative China tumblr

Pangbianr, Mini Train Heart, Carsick Cars, Push Shove, China Outlook, A4 Destroyer, Hong QiLe, Zen Lu, Birstriking, 24 Hours,, D-22, Maybe Mars, Michael Pettis, Artspace China, SXSW, Queen Sea Big Shark, Converse, Modern Sky, Matthew Niederhauser, MDN Photo, Sound Kapital, Xiao Long, Zoomin’ Night, Zhang Shouwang, Liu Xinyu, Beijing Punk, EChinaCities, Misandao, Shaun Jefford, Flying Mantas, We Live In Beijing, You Mei You, FYeahChineseIndie, Fragile, Chopxticks Records, Hong Kong

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