mr. sterile Assembly – Transit – 1st April 2011

Cat #: 054TZM

Recorded at Mike Gibson’s Inca Studios, the old home of the NZ SIS, the Security Intelligence Service, Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand.

mr sterile: Drums, lyrics, vocals, noises 
Chrissie Butler: Bass, vocals 
Aaron Lloydd: Bass 
Jeff Henderson: Saxophone 
Nell Thomas: Gender (Javanese gamelan) 
Maria McMillan: Poet, words in Drought 
Dean Hapeta: Recording, lyrics & vocals 
Mike Gibson: Recording, mixing, mastering. 

Campbell Kneale 
Tao Wells 
Garage Collective 
James Robinson 
Stefan Neville 
Jeff Henderson 
Andrew Ross 
Deborah Barton 
Roger Morris 
Kerry Ann Lee 

For this project, all the above members, musician, word smiths, and visual artists, are included in the pantheon of members-of-mr-sterile-Assembly.

Let me know your thoughts

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