Alternative China – 4th August 2011

Alternative China tumblr

Hot and Cold, Hedgehog, Carsick Cars, Beijing Gig Guide, Mr Graceless, Residence A, Youxi, D-22, Instigation, The Beat Bandits, Shanghai 24/7, Yan Jun, Artspace China, Sub Jam, Kwanyin, Skip Skip Ben Ben, Taipei Times, Pairs, This Town Touring, Rustic, Maybe Mars, Chairman Ca, Jonathan Campbell, Demerit, Brain Failure, 69, Anarchy Jerks, Reflector, Bearded, Martin Atkins, China Music Radar, P.K.14, Snapline, Subs, Pangbianr, Vans, Warped Tour, Jing Daily, Sulumi, Sun Dawei, Shanshui, Northwest Asian Weekly, F, Xiao Zhong, Beijing Daze, Misandao, Andy Best, Kungfuology, Black Metal, Sinica, Michael Pettis, Kaiser Kuo, Archie Hamilton, Pop Up Chinese, Zoomin’ Night, Zhang Shouwang

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