Dead Ants Rainbow – Selectively Mute – 21st November 2011

Cat #: 086TZM

DEAD ANTS TRIO are an improvised unit of primarily baritone guitar, electric bass, and drums, dedicated to free-form ecstatic improvisation dragged from the place where both noise and trancendence spring. Some describe them as faux-jazz grindcore, others as avant-skronk, others as post-punk expressionism. All these descriptions are inaccurate. 

Two discs recorded over time and space, revealing the many hues of The Dead Ants Rainbow in rotating three-part colour wheels. 

GAUCHOS CON HUEVOS: the original Ants (Lachy Ewbank and Troy JP Naumoff), hermetically transformed into a time-travelling triumvirate through the meddling magickal bass-alchemy of A D Machine several years later. With additional guests, these recordings never really happened. 

DATRIO / DAPROCESS: a collection of folded space-rituals featuring the trio of Ewbank, Naumoff and MacHine on rotating instruments (bass / baritone guitar / drums / piano / voice / microtonal reeds) in classic live-to-air improvisations; plus the unexpected trio of Naumoff, MacHine and Sleepy (of Gravel Samwidge fame) in severely overdimensional warp-mode, improvising live through A D MacHine’s personalised real-time processing portal.

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