Undreaded courage all the time – 11th October 2019

Two minds. Thinking mind and observing mind. Separate them, recognise negative emotions, own them and let them go!

My situation: about to start a new job which may have some of the problems of the previous ones. What advice would you give to someone in this situation?

Even as I write this I can see that my worry is about something that hasn’t happened. I don’t need to think about things in this way. I think I understand how I could have coped better in my previous situation so I should be able to deal with them in the event that they do happen again. Prepare and plan carefully to do the job as best you can but do not invest so much time and effort that it completely overrides everything else.


Gratitude Journal

I am so happy and grateful this morning for having this space to sit in, the coffee I am drinking and the sun and rain for making our trees grow. I will grow with them.

Let me know your thoughts

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