Steal away the morning light – 31st October 2019

My main achievement today was to kick off the process of writing lessons again. I’m a little frustrated at knowing exactly what is required but just sitting down and thinking about it all again was good.

I revised my letter to Hayden and will need to tweak it a little more after sending it to his mum to see what she thought.

Tomorrow is back to the grind – I want to make it less of a grind this time. The reward for my effort previously was very motivating but once it got pulled out from under me by the pettiness of Kru Paew it was all the more painful.

I’ve been learning how to better deal with these kinds of situations but I also feel a little self-protective and will try to balance my time investment into what I’m teaching and what other things I want to do. I do tend to fully dive into things and focus a lot on becoming good at something but it often takes the focus away from other important things too.

Gratitude Journal

I am so happy and grateful to have this new opportunity teaching at a new school. I’m a little nervous but also excited.

Let me know your thoughts

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