And then you start to enjoy it, take all the plugs out – 30th January 2021

Do you find it normal that there are daily demonstrations by ________? That women in love run away from their Prince Charming? That people dream about farms rather than love? That men and women sell their time, but can never buy it back again? And yet, all these things happen, so it really doesn’t matter what I believe or don’t believe; all these things are normal. Everything that goes against Nature, against our most intimate desires, is normal in our eyes, even though it’s an aberration in God’s eyes. We seek out our own inferno, we spend millennia building it, and after all that effort, we are now able to live in the worst possible way.

– Maria, Eleven Minutes – Paulo Coelho

Certain passages just jump out at you when you read them. Resonate with your thoughts and feelings at that particular time.

In the text, the blank is ‘Kurds’ in the first sentence, but this day I’m writing, or this day you are reading, you can fill it in with anything. There are sure to be daily demonstrations somewhere in the world, about some injustice or other, and so that we have spent millennia building this reality and despite all our efforts we end up living in the worst possible way – and that is what we perceive as normal.

The picture attached is not connected with this thought in any way. I took it this morning, riding around after finishing reading Eleven Minutes at my regular weekend coffee stop. The newly planted rice looked weak and vulnerable deep in the water. Though from the angle of the photo it looks much more cohesive.

There is a cafe in the middle of the fields, working the photo opportunity whilst the rice is growing. Rice is life here. Other fields are burning off their waste, ready for the next season.

The shack at the corner, a shield from the sun for tired sweaty workers to take a breath. It is a romantic structure, though I will never find myself in need of its use.

The big tree behind the shack looks strong at base yet scrawny at height. It looks climbable, it looks liveable – build a treehouse and live above the land.

Gratitude Journal

I am so happy and grateful for Amy’s yoga mat which I have been able to borrow and use in the mornings before going to work. Before I would slip and slide around on my rug.

2 thoughts on “And then you start to enjoy it, take all the plugs out – 30th January 2021

  1. Love the photo! You are blessed with the art of words and pictures, yet tortured by dark thoughts that seep from your beauty. I love you.


  2. Cheers. Love you too, buddy. In this post, do you feel that I am ‘tortured by dark thoughts’?

    I can see it but I don’t feel it. I mean that the passage could be considered dark but I think it is more about how we perceive normality and how those perceptions change depending on our environment, our own reality. The text is a direct response to the question, “Do you think that’s normal?” (“that” being anything, really!) It’s almost a glass half full/half empty scenario.

    In my reality (in this post) I don’t feel tortured by dark thoughts. Is my thinking always so dark that I don’t feel it anymore? Just curious.

    I’m reasonably happy at the moment, by the way!


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