Shoes – 21st July 2021

Count our blessings we still have choices
But stand beside those without voices
It’s not my body that suffers these pains
And I will support those with purer aims
Bootstrap pulling without boots
Kept downtrodden at the roots
I should walk a mile in your shoes
To understand there’s nothing to lose
Top dogs shout down ‘try your best’
Knowing you’ll never catch up the rest
When your choice is to eat shit or die
It’s everyone’s business to question why
Suffer a life for god and king
Does not a satisfied nation bring
I should plough the fields in your shoes
To understand the ways you choose

2 thoughts on “Shoes – 21st July 2021

  1. Beautifully, beautifully said. I feel like once we truly put ourselves in another’s shoes and perspective, it becomes clearer we shouldn’t judge them especially when we do not know what they’re going through. How they live is how they live, who are we to judge for that? Such a lovely poem, and I like the rhyme scheme here too. It draws you in!


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