Happy Rainbow Dreams – 30th October 2021

Last night, as I slept
I turned over and it became clear
My loosened ass had wept
Covering me in diarrhoea
Sleepily I stumbled
Throwing my undies to the sink
My stomach continually rumbled
As I showered off my stink
A towel laid over the bed
A semblance of being clean
Only thing now in my head
I was shitting in my dream
And then again I woke
My ass burst another leak
Something inside me broke
I couldn’t have felt more weak
I went through clean up again
More sleep I know I should
After happy rainbow dreams then
I woke up feeling pretty good
Sometimes when covered in shit
And feel we cannot cope
Try to stop thinking about it
And never give up hope

100% true, unfortunately. Not altogether an uncommon experience in Thailand, no one is squeamish to talk about diarrhoea.

Let me know your thoughts

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