Creator – 20th January 2023

I am the creator
I made myself insane
No one can save me
Or identify my pain
If I’m the creator
I’ll create a world my own
Mastering my fate
I must do it alone
I’ll get what I deserve
Whichever way it goes
When my world is made
I’ll be the one that knows

undoubtedly inspired by Robert Greene’s Daily Laws

Today I’m feeling:
Happy, relaxed and loved
Today I’m grateful for:
The students who have confidence in me and trust me. Those who reach out for my help. Those that just come and talk to me for their amusement and daring.
The best thing about today was:
The happy feeling around the school during the Chinese New Year celebration. Even the students who came to my afternoon classes didn’t mind being asked to do a little work. It was a relaxed atmosphere which generated a good vibe. I wonder if it was because there were fewer students around? I wish it could be like that all the time.
What was out of your control today and how did you handle it?
I took Boss to the hospital today and as we were walking from where I parked the car I realised that I didn’t have a mask and sure enough I got stopped from coming in. I cursed myself for leaving mine in the car and expected to send a 100-baht to buy one there. I ran to the shop and when I found them they only came in tens! Oh no! But as I went to pay the cashier said 20baht. A (minor) worry for nothing more than an Aussie buck.
Something I learned today?
Eyes are everywhere. At the hospital, we ran into a teacher and when I got back a student from another asked me why I was at the hospital and showed me a picture that someone had taken of me there! Chiang Rai is so small that the gossip moves faster than the people!
What new experiences do I want to try this year?
Wow. I don’t know. I don’t want to go skydiving or buggy jumping. I guess my answer would revolve around travel and going to new places. Indonesia, Borneo, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia – all in one trip with a touring band would be ideal!

I took this picture because I was hoping to catch the sunrise as I drove up our road in the morning. It is perfectly aligned with the road with the stupa visible close by. However, the sun was already peaking up so I had to quickly grab this shot. The shot I wanted I should have taken on Wednesday or yesterday. I probably won’t get up in time on the weekend and by Monday the sun will probably rise in a slightly different position. This winter has been mild, most days not even needing a t-shirt in the evening. I think it may mean a long hot dry summer ahead.

Let me know your thoughts

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