Google It – 14th February 2023

Just give me the answer
I don’t want to think
The end result the same
No waste of pen and ink
I don’t want to learn
Just want to jump the queue
Find the fast way forward
And the easiest way through
Smart enough to cheat
I’ll copy from the best
And when the time comes
I’ll just bluff the test
If I end up in the field
Painfully planting rice
I’ll remember those times
At the top were really nice

Today I’m feeling:
Smooth, content. I didn’t get enough sleep last night but it hasn’t put me in a bad mood. More like a dream state that I’m gliding through.
Today I’m grateful for:
The lady that always serves me at Oasis. She recognises me now and knows that I like to add sugar, vinegar and pickled chilli to my food.
The best thing about today was:
Relaxing a little into my classes today and enjoying the interactions with everyone. I was also heartened to receive small valentines gifts from my old students as well as stickers from my current ones.
What was out of your control today and how did you handle it?
Amy called me and was annoyed and upset. I’d been to the hospital to see the psyche but I didn’t wait around to get the meds as there were too many people waiting. I knew I could come back later when it was quieter. At some point, the hospital called Amy’s number because I hadn’t collected the meds. Amy’s phone diverts to her mum here in Thailand and then she calls Amy. I don’t know why no one calls me! Amy checked on the camera and thought I wasn’t at home as I’d kept the doors all closed because of the air pollution but I was in the living room eating food and watching TV. When she called she wanted to know where I’d been and talked in an accusatory manner and this annoyed me as I was feeling very good until then. Anyway, a little while later I’d worked my mood back into feeling positive again and called her at our regular time. She was tired and still a little grumpy so we didn’t talk long. Everything will be fine again.
Something I learned today?
I’ve read a little about a serious train derailment in Ohio that caused a huge explosion of dangerous toxic chemicals and that it hasn’t got much coverage there as the US focuses its media towards its coming war with China and having its population on board with that idea. Some reports have said that the effects of the situation are worse than a nuclear reactor meltdown!
I can feel it will soon be time to disconnect from news again soon. Everything is just seemingly fucked everywhere you look.
What makes me laugh?
Really there are not many things that make me laugh as such. I still enjoy comedy etc but that has a purpose to make you laugh. So the main thing that makes me laugh is, of course, my students. They make me laugh when they are happy and playful but also when they are angry and emotional.

I took this picture because the morning sun burns red through the haze on the horizon.

Let me know your thoughts

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