The Blank Page – 27th March 2023

Falling like angels, imperfect and tragic
We tell ourselves stories of gods and their magic
Foundations built on uneven ground
Where the selfish, ignorant and unhappy are found
Where’s our tabula rasa to write our story
Where happiness lies beyond the glory
Our society corrupts us from our fabled youth
Up our own backsides won’t find us the truth
Why concern yourself with conflict and plotting
Everyone is getting what everyone is gotting
Is there any wish worse than the end?
Our fate’s already decided my friend.

Today I’m feeling:
Fairly upbeat and positive though still suffering from the bad air.
Today I’m grateful for:
House cafe! But not for coffee, or not just for coffee. I did a runner from the big hall I was in with all the other teachers telling a colleague that I was going to the cafe because they have an air purifier and wifi that works. Safer and better for work. I told them to contact me if there was anything they needed me for. Happier to be here than stuck in that hall with 100s of other teachers breathing the putrid air.
The best thing about today was:
I’m happily converting my old lessons to use Quizizz which I’m hoping makes my class more fun for the students. I actually enjoy doing this and rethinking how better to engage the kids.
What was out of your control today and how did you handle it?
As mentioned above, the air quality is out of my control so rather than suffer and complain I came up with a solution both better for me and for the school ie. going somewhere safe and getting more work done.
What are my top three priorities for this week and why?
1. Trying not to develop lung cancer, for fairly obvious reasons.
2. Making sure Kim Chi is ok as she hasn’t been eating much and sleeping even more than usual.
3. Getting as much work done before the holiday starts for real because I know I will be lazy to do much during that time.

I took this picture last week because these fruits and flowers looked pretty hanging on the tree as I was walking by. No new picture today as everything is a dull grey tone of armageddon. The red sun couldn’t even pierce the fog of smoke and it was already almost dark at 5 pm.

Let me know your thoughts

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