From 30,000 Feet – 15th April 2023

The view from above
A bomb or brain
An expanding universe
Must always remain
The view microscopic
Each atom crucial
The future in our hands
Exploded brutal
The view in the mirror
Pauses for reflection
Thumb on the button
Ending perfection

Today I’m feeling:

A little flat still but better than yesterday.

Today I’m grateful for:

The special Royal Canin food that Cap and Tig can eat. It’s expensive but at least it gives them some variety as they don’t have many options due to their health conditions.

The best thing about today was:

Taking my time watching the Swans play well against Richmond. I felt relaxed once we took control of the game in the fourth quarter.

What was out of your control today and how did you handle it?

Cap has to drink a supplement once a day. It’s just 2ml and has to be done with a plastic syringe into his mouth. He hates it though especially as it sprays down his throat. As I tried to administer it, Cap quickly moved his head, so I sprayed the liquid into my hand and onto my pants. I just laughed. I’ll get you next time Cap!

Something I learned today?

The one thing I can quickly remember was reading about a Thai guy (one of 9 siblings) who makes around 3 million bagels a year in New York. He works about 100 hours a week and also owns a restaurant. He has an arranged marriage and his wife is still in Thailand. I’m kind of fascinated with New York but not sure if I ever really like to go there.

I took this picture last week because I thought these mini houses, basically just studio apartments have a pretty interesting design and despite my 5 years riding around here I’ve never seen these before and they are probably less than 500 metres from home.

Let me know your thoughts

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