The Tree Bows To The Water – 30th April 2023

Today is a party, tomorrow is a wake
That’s the way we all go, make no mistake
We’ll raise a fist to the big blue sky
And give a significance as to why
Some of us will bend and some of us will break

Today I’m feeling:

Pretty good today though a little subdued due to it being a cloudy day. What is it about blue skies that make us feel happy?

Today I’m grateful for:

These Mentos soda mix candies that I chew on each evening for the last week. I love the mouthwatering fizz they give me. Can’t stop my sweet tooth.

The best thing about today was:

Eating a big juicy mango that I bought at the local market yesterday. It was so big that I got tired of eating it. I managed to eat it all though. I have another stashed away for tomorrow. They were just 38 baht for both.

What was out of your control today and how did you handle it?

Talking with Hayden again today and he was still down and depressed. I encouraged him as much as I could but worried a little about him. I texted with Bronwyn and hopefully, we can both guide him to getting past it again. Hayden is a sensitive person. Whatever the reason for his feelings and actions I have to try and help him.

Something I learned today?

I found out that the Internet Archive is being sued for copyright infringement. It looks like they violated some laws around books being copied and loaned digitally. I think they are in the wrong but at the same time, I don’t want their business to get affected as there are so many more worthwhile parts of their online presence such as the web archive and legitimate historic music and fanzine files.

What were the highlights of this past month?

There have only been lowlights this month, unfortunately. I look forward to having highlights again one day.

I miss you little Kim. I gave you all my love and affection and you gave me the same. Thank you.

Let me know your thoughts

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