What’s Cool and Unusual – 15th January 2014

Thu 16

Rizzeria Printer, Shop 5, Metcalfe Arcade, 80-84 George St, The Rocks

Legendary music and arts zine Bizoo lands in Sydney to spread the love. To celebrate the launch of Bizoo’s final release – ‘The Best, The Worst and the Trash That Never Made It’ have joint forces with the Rizzeria zine club for a special Bizoo launch incorporating:

  • a performance by Isaac Graham https://www.facebook.com/isaacgraham
  • The State of DIY in Sydney in 2014 discussion panel
  • Bizoo covers exhibition
  • Print your own exclusive Miss Helen Gocco Print
  • Rizzeria crowd-funding celebration


Bizoo’s editors and trouble makers from Queensland are heading to Rizzeria’s Pop Up Show! Breaking the mould of traditional and often stale book launches.

The State of DIY in Sydney in 2014 will run from 7:00pm till 8:00pm. Panellists include: Leigh Rigozzi (http://www.bloodandthunder.com.au/), Shaun Tenzenmen (http://tenzenmen.com/), Kimb (http://octopuspi.com/) and Rachel Button (www.facebook.com/pissfactoryzine), Fez (Got Caught Stealing Zine) and Miss Helen http://www.spycore.net/. The session with be facilitated by Dr Jerm (Bizoo, ZICS) and Elouise Quinlivan (Smells Like Zines, Anablogue).

This panel gives local perspectives and presents different approaches to do-it-yourself and do-it-together ethics that have seen music, zines, books, wheat pastes, festivals, graffiti and protest move public opinion and allow a voice for those yet unspoken for. This is a social event, it’s not the “big wigs” sitting out front and talking at you. Come along and make some new friends and start collaborating!

Not only do punters get the free Bizoo retrospective book, but they also get to engage with interactive and make a postcard sized created by Sydney’s own Miss Helen on a Gocco Printing Machine. Gocco printing originated in Japan and is a mix of traditional screen and pressure printing, but without the mess usually associated with screen printing. Miss Helen’s print will only available on the night!, so show up or miss out.

Plus The Covers of Bizoo Exhibition featuring cover artists: Ken Taylor, Rowan Tedge, Milly Loveknuckles, Simon Degroot.

Coinciding with the launch, The Rizzeria Go for Gold (ink) Pozible Campaign with end on the same day. We’ll count down the hours and fingers crossed, celebrate its success!

Get in early to pick up your FREE copy of ‘Bizoo: The Best, The Worst & The Trash That Never Made It’


Sat 18

Black Wire, 219 Parramatta Rd, Annandale



Sat 18

Goatfest, Jerry’s Place, Dural
(email me for details of if you fb go here: https://www.facebook.com/events/617938218264018)

Unless you can get a ride back or going to stay the night I do not recommend public transport. Now you can feel my pain whenever I want to socialize.

There will be food made by my old folks on the night. Homemade burritos and nachos with vegan options too. It will cost money but it will go towards sending packed clothes to Chile so all for a good cause. Alternatively, you can travel out to IGA, KFC, Maccas, Hungry Jacks or any of the kebab and burgers places that will be open till a certain time. Feel free to bring your own food too if you wish

Yes, you can camp here. Got plenty of acreage to go around. Bring your own gear.

There will be a donation box up. It’s not compulsory but it would be really appreciated if you can donate a few coins. I did a CD compilation last time but I don’t think I’ll do it again this year unless you guys really want to.

BYO booze and doobs just no smoking inside. Feel free to invite people that will respect the house and people so no dickheads, please. Please don’t nick any money bands have made from merch. Stealing from local bands is low.

Without sounding like a dick there is somewhat of a capacity limit but i don’t know how many people i can keep inside. Bring friends and lovers but leave your entourage at home.

There will be an esky and a fridge available but it’s probably best to bring your own just in case.

If you want to bring your distro to sell some stuff you’re more than welcome to.

If in the very unlikely chance that it rains on the day then the Acoustic Tree will be an Acoustic Indoors thing. Its going to be fucked if it does rain though

My dogs are not very people friendly due to them not being city dogs. They will be kept inside but if you see them out and they go berserk and you freak out then it’s best to remove yourself.

Don’t thrash it, please. No jumping off the TV. You’re welcomed to sling couches at bands though

I’ll have a Nintendo 64 hooked up. I’m no fool man I got all the top multiplayer games. Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing, Goldeneye, F Zero X, Super Smash Bros, you know the deal.

Then go pat Tina or something.

Yes, I really do have a pet goat. Her name is Tina. No heavy petting.

Jurassic Penguin
Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt
Vile Specimen
Goon Soaked Rag
The Sufferjets
Amateur Drunks
Hannah Band
Ivan And The Backpackers
Yo Put That Bag Back On
The Holiday Project
Alf Stewart
Emergency Syndrome
Brain Zaps
School Shooting
Frame 313
Planet Terror
Bum Spew

Acoustic tree
N. Martin
Lachlan R. Dale (The Isolation Tapes)
Great Lakes
Mr. Beautiful
Andy Wenman
No Folding Chairs For The Homeless


Sat 18

@ The DogHaus!!!!!
156 Unwins Bridge Road, St Peters.
(a super close walk from Sydenham Station)


& MORE!!!!


  • Vegan BBQ.
  • Movie screenings.
  • Stalls.
  • Mocktails/cocktails/dogtails.
    & heaps more.

This is a house show. Please leave shitty attitudes at home

LISTEN HERE: http://ericafreas.bandcamp.com/
MORE INFO HERE: One Brick Today
& http://onebricktoday.wordpress.com/


Sat 18

Red Rattler, 6 Faversham St, Marrickville
$12+bf, 8pm

Primitive Calculators

35 years after they first crawled out of dark, suburban Springvale to spew their synth-punk filth over Melbourne and beyond, Primitive Calculators have made their first-ever studio album, aptly entitled The World Is F@#ked.

Bleaker, harsher and more desperately hilarious than ever, Primitive Calculators have created the ultimate aural statement of ageing, despair and futility. The new album pulls no punches across its nine one-word songs. The sound is a kind of shimmering ball of white noise and malice, a floating miasma filled with all the bile most people never let emerge from their subconscious. Surprisingly, it’s really fun to listen to!

For this special occasion, Primitive Calculators are revisiting the legendary Little Bands idea that they created in the late 70s, asking a bunch of friends and fellow artists to form one-off little bands to play a series of 15-minute sets before Primitive Calculators take the stage.

Expect the unexpected!


Sat 18

The Pitz, 1 Mitchell Street, Marrickville
2pm ALL AGES $10 or $5 if you bring a dish for the Pot Luck!


OVERRUN (Brisbane)

No internet presence.



Sun 19

Black Wire, 219 Parramatta Rd, Annandale


What’s Cool and Unusual – 20th November 2013

Fri 22

Black Wire, 219 Parramatta Rd, Annandale



Fri 22

Monster Mouse Maud Lane, Marrickville



Fri 22

Red Rattler, 6 Faversham St, Marrickville
$? 8pm

Day Ravies + Sounds Like Sunset + Chook Race + East River


Sat 23

Black Wire, 219 Parramatta Rd, Annandale
2pm ALL AGES $5





Sat 23

When: Saturday, November 23, from about midday onwards.
Where: A Backyard In Marrickville, Sydney, Australia

Harmony + DJs

To get yourself a ‘ticket’ (a Google Map with directions) simply send an email to us@polaroids****.com with the subject line HARMONY.

The backyard is small/cosy, so capacity is fairly limited. There will be a maximum of 4 tickets allocated for each email we receive, so please also specify the number of mates/kids you wanna bring along as well. No dickheads.


Sun 24

Sydney Steel Rd, Marrickville

Scab Eater, Ross, Glory Hole, Chinese Burns Unit and Safe Word

What’s Cool and Unusual – 6th November 2013

Fri 8

Black Wire, 219 Parramatta Rd, Annandale



Sat 9

Black Wire, 219 Parramatta Rd, Annandale

Bush Fire Relief Benefit: THORAX / CANINE / PALMAR GRASP


Sat 9

Jura Books, 440 Parramatta Rd, Petersham
7pm $5 ALL AGES

Jurassic Penguin, Postal, Home Burial & Snakes Get Bad Press


Sat 9

The Record Crate, 34 Glebe Point Road, Glebe

Ted Danson With Wolves, Oslow


Sun 10

Black Wire, 219 Parramatta Rd, Annandale


What’s Cool and Unusual – 4th September 2013

Thu 5

Beatdisc Records, Church St, Parramatta

Michael Crafter, Dispolar, thedowngoing, The Holiday Project


Fri 6

Monster Mouse, Maud Lane, Marrickville
6pm $5 ALL AGES

palmer grasp
everything I own is broken
michael crafter
vile specimen
unknown to god
edward rodgrigues


Sat 7

Cosmo’s Rock Lounge, Marrickville
7.30pm ALL AGES

ANNOUNCEMENT: The 2013 Beard Election for President of Marrickville will be held at Deja. Get your beard to leave a post with an election poster / video / or fan page to nominate and be put on the ballot.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Are you sick of politics? Holy shit, I know I am! Well we at Deja would like to offer you an alternative to crying in a corner this September 7th! THIS!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

September DEJA comprises of…


Ok, now get up, find your nice shoes and get your dancin’ slacks laundered.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

As always, entry is by DONATION

BYO – but food and drinks are also available by donation

Please help keep DEJA and other underground venues safe and under the radar by disposing of rubbish, looking after friends and strangers, respecting residents and neighbours, and not gathering on the street outside.

Spread the word.
Sharing is caring.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Like us: http://www.facebook.com/saturDEJA


Sat 7

Black Wire, 219 Parramatta Rd, Annandale

Darkhorse / Extinct Exist (VIC) / Thorax / Jackals / ACHE


Sat 7

Red Rattler, Faversham St, Marrickville
Doors and DJ from 4pm, bands from 5pm $15 entry.

All funds go directly to the autonomous indigenous Zapatista communities in Chiapas, Mexico.

Spurs for Jesus
Nunchukka Superfly
Everything I Own is Broken
Sweat & Shame
Conjunto Nortena
Justo Diaz
Alex Party-Cat

ABOUT THE GIG: It’s on again!! A bunch of awesome bands, DJs & volunteer staff have decided to get behind an extremely worthy cause and provide you with a fifth and final evening of “Music of Fire” at the fabulous community- oriented venue, The Red Rattler. And this time we are excited to welcome special guest musicians Julio Cienfuegos with his band & Justo Diaz, playing us tunes from The North of Mexico and South America. What a fitting honour! 🙂

Due to an overwhelmingly positive response from both the people of Sydney and the Zapatista communities in Mexico, we are now hosting Musica de Fuego V. Musica De Fuego is a Sydney based music collective aiming to raise funds and awareness for the indigenous Zaptista struggle in Chiapas. A group of us traveled to Mexico in the summer of 2012 and spent time working and connecting with the Zapatista people. They are overwhelmed and inspired by the support Musica has brought them, and gave us words of gratitude and solidarity which we passed on at Musica III. Some of us will return to Chiapas this December to meet again with our compas in Chiapas and we hope, apart from our willingness to work the land with them, that we can bring the greatest show of support from the people of Sydney yet.

OUR FUNDRAISING EFFORTS: WE have raised approximately $7000 over four gigs so far, all of which has been directly given to the Zapatista communities in Resistance. Our first gig, in July 2011, raised enough money to rebuild a community pharmacy that had burned down. Our second gig in December 2011 enabled us to provide an expensive boot-making machine for autonomous industry so that the Zapatistas can continue to work and function with no assistance from their “bad government”. Our third gig, which was held in June 2012, sent over $2000 to the jungle community we worked in early that year, to help various agricultural and educational projects in the area. Musica IV was sent to a Jungle community that needed to supply it’s “House of Health” and community school with equipment.We have negotiated the funding of these projects with the Zapatistas through the support of our friends at “Schools for Chiapas”. These projects exist in four separate municipalities, and there are five municipalities in total.

This final gig will raise funds to support the fifth municipality in the state of Chiapas, and we are currently in dialogue with “Schools for Chiapas” about which project the Zapatistas need the most urgent help with. We will have further information prior to the gig. After hosting Five “Musicas” we will have assisted all five municipalities in the Zapatista territories to establish or maintain autonomy in health, education and industry.We will have information displayed so you can see what our (YOUR) efforts have achieved.

This important connection between the Zapatistas and the Sydney music scene is something we hope to foster for some time. Even though this is the last Musica as we know it, we plan to host more fund raising events sometime in the future. We also hope to forge some kind of connection with our own indigenous communities and the Zapatistas, the more we learn about their struggle first hand.

These inspirational people, with their strength, solidarity and dignity, have survived serious human rights injustices for decades. Formed predominantly by indigenous peasant farmers, the Zapatistas, on January 1st 1994, demanded an end to the violent repression they had suffered and forced a corrupt government to recognise them as citizens with rights to their own land.

The government betrayed them, however, after agreeing to enshrine indigenous rights into the Mexican constitution and then failing to follow through. So the Zapatistas put into practice alternative forms of government, social and economic self-management where wealth and power are distributed fairly. They get no assistance whatsoever from the Mexican Government. Instead, they are persecuted for their beliefs and live under constant threat of attack, torture, imprisonment and even and murder by government backed paramilitaries whom they continue to resist in a peaceful manner.

Come to the Rattler for a mad night of music on the 22nd December and let the dignified people of Chiapas know that we continue to support their struggle!


Sun 8

Chatswood Youth Centre, cnr Victor St and Albert Ave
$10 2pm ALL AGES

Survival, Civil War, Mood Swing, Distance, Hurt Unit

What’s Cool and Unusual – 14th January 2009

wed 14

club consolador
la campana, 53-55 liverpool st, sydney
$10 8pm

eugene chadbourne, suzanne grae and the katies, crabsmasher, dj smallcock

Eugene Chadbourne (USA) A seemingly endless — and endlessly eclectic — series of releases made the innovative guitarist Eugene Chadbourne one of the underground community’s most well-known and well-regarded eccentrics. Born January 4, 1954 in Mount Vernon, NY, Chadbourne was raised in Boulder, CO, by his mother, a refugee of the Nazi death camps. At the age of 11, the Beatles inspired him to learn guitar; later exposure to Jimi Hendrix prompted him to begin experimenting with distortion pedals and fuzzboxes. Ultimately, however, he became dissatisfied with the conventions of rock and pop, and traded in his electric guitar for an acoustic one, on which he began to learn to play bottleneck blues.

Perhaps Chadbourne’s most significant formative discovery was jazz; initially drawn to John Coltrane and Roland Kirk, he later became an acolyte of the avant excursions of Derek Bailey and Anthony Braxton. Despite the huge influence music exerted over his life, however, Chadbourne first studied to become a journalist, but his career was derailed when he fled to Canada rather than fight in Vietnam; only President Jimmy Carter’s declaration of amnesty for conscientious objectors allowed the vociferously left-wing Chadbourne to return to the U.S. in 1976, at which time he plunged headlong into the New York downtown music scene. After releasing his 1976 debut, Solo Acoustic Guitar, he began collaborating on purely improvisational music with the visionary saxophonist John Zorn and the acclaimed guitarist Henry Kaiser.

Quickly, Chadbourne carved out a singular style, comprised of equal parts protest music, free improvisation, and avant-garde jazz, topped off with his absurd, squeaky vocals. A complete list of Chadbourne’s countless subsequent collaborations and genre workouts is far too lengthy and detailed to exhaustively document, although in the early ’80s he garnered some of his first significant attention as the frontman of Shockabilly, a demented rockabilly revisionist outfit which also featured the well-known producer Kramer. Following the group’s breakup, Chadbourne turned to his own idiosyncratic brand of country and folk, accurately dubbed LSD C&W on a 1987 release, the same year he joined the members of Camper Van Beethoven for a one-off covers project. In addition, he recorded with artists ranging from Fred Frith and Elliott Sharp to Evan Johns and Jimmy Carl Black, the original drummer in the Mothers of Invention; in between, he continued exploring unique styles inspired by music from the four corners of the globe, all the while issuing a seemingly innumerable string of records, most of them on his own Parachute label.


SUZANNE GRAE & THE KATIES (MELB) Inspired by their namesake fashion icons responsible for bringing shoulder padded style and geometric glamour to the suburbs of eighties Australia, Suzanne Grae and the Katies are a 6 piece all gal sleaze rock band based in Melbourne, Australia.

It was just this spring season of 2008 that Suzanne Grae met the Katies at a discount outlet over the 50% off rack. The Katies all had their nails into the one peach power suit, and things were getting hairier than a Poison after party. However Suzanne stepped in to suggest the divvying up of the garment between the ladies, shoulder pad by pleat by precious polka dot, and the Katies could not help but come to their fashion senses. They offered to Suzanne both the peach power suit and a promise – To together form a band that would let no obstacle, not broken heels nor lack of musical ability, stand in the way.

Suzanne Grae and the Katies are… Texta as Suzanne Grae: ‘singer’, tamborinist, stylist Lou as Katie Tutti Frutti Pan Flutti: keys, back up vocals Anna as Katie Ramone Bomb: guitar, back up vocals Marian as Katie G: saxophone, drums, guitar, back up vocals Bec as Katie Kaos: bass, trianglist, back up vocals Alex as Katie uber Alles: drums, bass 

Crab Smasher (NEWCASTLE) ”Crab Smasher’s music isn’t as gleefully violent as their name might suggest. Based in Newcastle, the duo released two documents of their pop-inflected experimentalism last year: a Trapdoor Tapes cassette vividly entitled Doom+Doom=OMG! as well as this twenty minute EP. Despite its brevity, Impossible Monsters – their tenth release to date – manages to cram at least eight largely contrasting styles across twenty minutes, with a sense of wistfulness permeating most of the proceedings. Wistful, because despite Crab Smasher’s noise-orientated means their music is ultimately approachable and illustrative. While it’s common for bands of Crab Smasher’s ilk to extend their abstractions over a longer period of time, to give ideas the opportunity to crystallize, these guys don’t stuff around. The two opening tracks start the EP on harsh terrain – clinical white noise bursts puncture through barely-audible hum on ‘I Am Error’, while ‘Killing With Kindness’ wields scraps of noise in a more confrontational and less ominous way. Pleasantly enough, ‘The Moon Rattled Inside Her’ takes a complete left turn into bedroom pop cum science fiction soundtrack, while ‘A Sad Day For Everybody’ recalls Italian instrumentalists Larsen in the way the slowly paced rhythm breathes starkly and threateningly, mapping the ascendancy of noise and murk in the mix. Indeed, it’s these colourful contrasts that make Impossible Monsters a compelling, if slightly puzzling listen. There doesn’t appear to be any common thread running through these tracks, and often the brevity of the tracks can be frustrating. Still, Crab Smasher get it right most of the time because they have the audacity to do what isn’t expected of them, and if that means sometimes they lose a bit of focus, that’s a worthwhile compromise.” – Shaun Prescott @ Mess&Noise


  * DJ Smallcock will play other peoples music between sets


thu 15

Beatdisc in Parramatta.
6pm All Ages Free
Tyre Swans, Animal Shapes and Oh Messy Life.


fri 16

Serial Space
33 Wellington Street, Chippendale
7pm $8

This gig is a fundraiser to bring some of the international artists out to Sydney for There Goes The Neighbourhood.

Are you yet another person who has had the rent jacked up and been outpriced and outed of your own space?…

Inspired by this global phenomenon of gentrification, There Goes The Neighbourhood is an exhibition, film festival, workshops and publication about the politics of space happening in May at the Performance Space.

The project brings together a group of local and international artists who have worked on various projects that have explored the relationship between community and space and we’re inviting them to develop these issues further in the contested local environment of Redfern.

The artists involved are: Daniel Boyd, Brenda Croft, Lisa Kelly, SquatSpace, Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro, Ned Sevil and friends (Australia), Temporary Services (USA), Jakob Jakobsen (Denmark), 16beaver (USA), Miklos Erhardt and Little Warsaw (Hungary), Michael Rakowitz (USA) and Bijari (Brazil). We will also be doing a re-enactment of Allan Kaprow’s Push and Pull: A Furniture Comedy for Hans Hofmann (with thanks to the Allan Kaprow Estate) and hosting a Gordon Matta-Clark film screening.

For more information on There Goes The Neighbourhood:

We know January is super hectic but please come down and support us- this gig is going to be awesome!


Inspired by their namesake fashion icons responsible for bringing shoulder padded style and geometric glamour to the suburbs of eighties Australia, Suzanne Grae and the Katies are a 6 piece all gal sleaze rock band based in Melbourne, Australia.

It was just this spring season of 2008 that Suzanne Grae met the Katies at a discount outlet over the 50% off rack. The Katies all had their nails into the one peach power suit, and things were getting hairier than a Poison after party. However Suzanne stepped in to suggest the divvying up of the garment between the ladies, shoulder pad by pleat by precious polka dot, and the Katies could not help but come to their fashion senses. They offered to Suzanne both the peach power suit and a promise – To together form a band that would let no obstacle, not broken heels nor lack of musical ability, stand in the way.

Suzanne Grae and the Katies are…
TextaQueen as Suzanne Grae: ‘singer’, tamborinist, stylist
Lou as Katie Tutti Frutti Pan Flutti: keys, back up vocals
Anna as Katie Ramone Bomb: guitar, back up vocals
Marian as Katie G: saxophone, drums, guitar, back up vocals
Bec as Katie Kaos: bass, trianglist, back up vocals
Alex as Katie uber Alles: drums, bass


Fresh back from 3 months eating dumplings and making noise in China, catch Justice Yeldham’s first gig back in Sydney. This guy is never sticks around for long before he’s off again- so don’t miss ‘the glass guy’ himself, even if he is a pane.

“What’s been described as “a trumpet player trapped in a two dimensional universe” is in fact the unique audio work of Justice Yeldham, a maverick musician with an unhealthy obsession with sheets of broken glass. By pressing his face and lips against the glass whist employing various vocal techniques ranging from throat singing to raspberries, he turns disguarded household windows into crude musical instruments. Resulting in a wide variety of cacophonous noises that are strangely controlled and oddly musical.

Justice Yeldham is the latest alter-ego of Australian sound performer Lucas Abela, whose past sonic experiments were conducted under monikers like A Kombi, Dj Smallcock & Peeled Hearts Paste. Initially classed as an experimental turntablist, although his early work rarely resembled anything in the field. Early feats, saw him stab vinyl with Kruger style stylus gloves, bound on electro acoustic trampolines, drag race the popemobile across Sydney Harbour Bridge, perform deaf defying duet duels with amplified samurai swords, hospitalised by high powered turntables constructed from sewing machine motors, record chance John Peel sessions with the Flaming Lips, & be Otomo Yoshihides’ favourite entry into his Ground Zero remix competition; ‘Consummation’ even though instead of sampling the CD he destroyed it using amplified skewers!”



If you like dancing under a blanket to Black Sabbath shoeless in the grass then you will love Holy Balm.

(Don’t forget the honey-ed mushrooms)



Freshly back from shows in Vietnam we are proud to have this incredible female emcee up in Sydney for one show only!!! – and look out for her debut album which is about to be released!

” she’s the femcee that’s gonna make you wanna smile – she got you foot tappin, lip smackin, rappin pash stylez!” emcee pash is a Sydney born, Perth raised hip hop emcee who now has her roots firmly planted in Melbourne (Aus). Her love of music and poetry formed a symbiosis when pash was nineteen, and since then she has performed at many clubs and community events in and around Sydney, Byron Bay and Melbourne. Her lyrics are deeply personal, yet relate to the every day experiences that speak to many. Pash does not shy away from the political or the controversial. Her unique vocal delivery sets her apart from the rest, as do her dj sets with live emceeing- not to be missed! This year Pash is recording her debut album, to be released in Feb/March 09. Other projects include a PBS radio show focusing on female, indigenous, local artists as well as all things fresh and cool from around the globe, and of course pash intends on spreading her own music across the seas.”


Big, huge, massive thanks to all the performers and Serial Space.


fri 16

NOWnow festival

Afternoon concert @ Lhamda Books
Shop 1, 32 Station St, Wentworth Falls

5pm : THE PROPHETS : drums and saxophones and masks : Dale Gorfinkel / Peter Farrar / Rosalind Hall / Sam Dobson / Finn Ryan / and more
5:30pm : Inge Olmheim / Aemon Webb : Electronics

Evening concert @ Wentworth Falls School of Arts
Cnr Great Western Hwy / Adele Ave, Wentworth Falls

7:00pm : PIN PIN PIN TRIO : Clare Cooper (guzheng) / Magda Mayas (piano) / Steve Heather (percussion)
7:30pm : THE SPIDERS : James Heighway (everything)
8:00pm : Adam Sussman / Martin Kirkwood : Acoustic Guitars
8:30pm : (outdoors) : T.A.D. and Yusuke : voices and guitars
9:00pm : Eugene Chadbourne : freely improvised country guitar and banjo
9:45pm : Pateras / Baxter / Brown + Louise Curham : prepared piano / prepared guitar / unprepared drums / performative film (respectively)

Late concert @ Akemi
40 Great Western HWY,Medlow Bath (opp. train station)
contact: (02) 4788-1230

from 11:00pm :
Clayton Thomas (double bass) / Dale Gorfinkel (vibraphone / inventions) / Finn Ryan (drums)

Cinemusic : a film by David Ahern : introduced by Geoffrey Barnard

Lloyd Honeybrook / Robin Fox : feedbax and computer


sat 17

Ruban Rat (upstairs), 76 Parramatta Road Stanmore
(gallery is across the road, heading West on your left just past the Annandale Hotel)

After many rolls of film and a lot more beer…
Finally a heap of photos from 2003-2008 on show:
you are invited to:5 Years as a Rock Moll photography by Anne Bentley
(celebrating 10 years of Scooter RockChix gigs)

opening night sponsored by Lovells Lager  – cheers!

guest appearances from Madam Squeeze and friends + Baby Machine (rock!)

exhibition continues Sunday 18 Jan 11am-5Pm
then Thursday 22 Jan to Mon 26 Jan 11am-5pm
evenings by appointment:
info@artzinephotography.com.au m: 0405 098 529

come along & look for familiar faces from the past & present and raise a toast to Scooter


sat 17

NOWnow festival

Morning concert @ King’s Cave**
6:00am : Steve Heather : percussion
Sound Walk : with Anthony Magen : from King’s Cave at midday

Afternoon Concert @ King’s Cave**

2:00pm : Inge Olmheim (electronics) / Ian Pieterse (baritone saxophone) / Rosalind Hall (prepared alto saxophone)
2:30pm : Sam Dobson (double bass) / Jon Rose (violin)

Afternoon talk @ Wentworth Falls School of Arts

5:30pm : Birdsong : The Music of Nature and the Nature of Music : Hollis Taylor

Evening Concert @ Wentworth Falls School of Arts

7:00pm : Clayton Thomas / Clare Cooper / Robin Fox : strings and computer manipulation
7:30pm : Joe Derrick / Simon Ferenci : trumpets
8:00pm : Kusum Normoyle / Aaron Clarke / Rivka Schembri / Bonnie Hart : voices
8:30pm : HELMET HEAD : Rod Cooper and Anthony Magen : Audiovisual madness
9:00pm : Laura Altman / Magda Mayas / Monika Brooks : clarinet, piano and accordion
9:30pm : BOTBORG : audio visual feedback web

Late concert @ Akemi

from 11:00pm :
Pilgramage from Scattered Points : a film on the Scratch Orchestra by Luke Fowler


….by train
Get yourself to Linden Station. Exit station onto Bourke Rd (opposite side of the highway, don’t go up the stairs on the station). Go left onto bourke Rd. there will be an escort from station.

…by car:
Driving from Sydney – Turn off the Great Western Highway in Linden onto Tollgate Dr. where there is a sign for the Linden Observatory, go right at the crossroads, along Glossop Rd, then park on Bourke Rd. near “Donohoe’s Rave” sign to walk down the trail to the cave.
Driving from Katoomba – Down Great Western Hwy, Left onto Tollgate Dr, left onto Glossop rd, right to Bourke rd.

On bourke St, near “Donohoe’s (G)rave” sign to walk down the trail to the cave. a short easy walk.

Contact Alex on 0406 361 439 on the day if you have any problems


sun 18

Midday in Pitt Park (next to Wentworth Falls School of Arts): KITE MUSIC : Jon Rose and Robin Fox

Afternoon Concert @ Wentworth Falls School of Arts

2:00pm : THE SPLINTER ORCHESTRA : the NOW now’s very own house band
2:45pm : Anthony Pateras : solo piano
3:30pm : THE LOOP ORCHESTRA : Australia’s longest running experimental music project : John Blades / Richard Fielding / Manny Gasparinatos / Hamish Mackenzie / Juke Wyatt
4:00pm : Mike Majkowski : solo double bass

Evening concert @ Akemi

from 7:00pm :
– Dave Brown / Joe Musgrove / James Heighway : guitars and electronics
– Hosebeast : Jon Hunter / Ivan Lysiak / Peter Newman : guitar and drums and computer
– Lucas Abela / Sean Baxter

++  i’ll either be at these events or wishing i was there  ++

What’s Cool and Unusual – 16th July 2008

wed 16

la campana, 53-55 liverpool st, sydney

dualpLOVER in conjunction with 2SER and tenzenmen present club

this week cloth ear presents:

Matthew Hopkins and Jonathon Hochman – like wizards with electronic devices , may have mind probes so approach with caution beware matthew hopkins’s future time travel machine. DON’T LOOK INTO THEIR EYES WHILE THEY ARE PLAYING OR YOU MIGHT FIND YOURSELF IN THE FUTURE.

XWAVE – loud abrasive noisy c**ts from the mountains.Like wizards with apples and heroin , weird horrible / beautiful sound that will make you feel extremely happysad

Cabaret Callado (Brazil) –  new folk album “Mecanismo Objeto” is almost ready , don’t miss the brazillian master of psychedelic neo folk in another rare solo appearance.

plus usual DIY markets and crazy dj’s in the front room

$5 is all it takes for a good wednesday night out.



wed 16

message from lloyd:

Yeah that’s right, another email from some ‘struggling artist’ (read: some dude making horrible music that you aren’t going to come see anyway) about some gig that will either be cancelled at the last minute due to venue/transport/amp/zombie army/irreconcilable-dispute-between-band-member troubles or simply three people will show up to (the promoter, one band member’s girlfriend and some guy who just heard that Naked on the Vague were
playing even though they’re not).

Wednesday night I’m taking part in a revised version of Brendan Walls’ gamepiece “Chess” that was debuted at the NOW now festival at the beginning of this year.  Also playing are the Walls himself and James Iha from the Smashing Pumpkins.  Or Title Records, I’m not entirely sure.  Either way, about a hundred amps, little noisy thingies, a chess board and a banjo will be used to make transcendental blah blah blah you’re not listening.  WHO SAID POST-MODERN MUSIC WAS DEAD?  

If you’ve actually read this far and are still interested then (what the hell?) it’s taking place at 405 hibernian
house (342 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills, just across from central station) and we’ll be playing with other collectives/bands/people/”musicians”.  No idea who because there has been precisely zero promotion for this event.  Big


fri 18

Friday July 18th @where?house

CASTINGS, KITCHENS FLOOR, 2779 + a mystery group that may involve members of Vincent Over The Sink

8pm opening…$8 entry

_Castings will probably play first.

_Kitchens Floor are from Brisbane. Matt (Look Pond, Minxx) and Julia play beautiful, eccentric, minimalist acoustic pop music. they are one of the best young groups in the country today in my not-so-humble opinion. think of Beat Happening, Neu and ”Hi, How Are You?” at a house party and you are close.

fuck! where do i start. trance-inducing but jaw dropping at the same time, this group from the mountains consists of Ben, Adam (Stasis Duo / XWave) and Matt (xNOBBQx / Stasis Duo). fucked up psych/noise/garage/punk/primitive/minimalist bliss. fuck No New York, come see 2779!

message me or myspace.com/castings for the where?abouts or the venue.


sat 19

red rattler, 6 faversham street, marrickville
7pm $5

scooter presents

go go go go (brisbane)
haisha haisha

awesome new venue in marrickville!  please support this space as a lot of people have invested a LOT of money and time in this place!  totally legal too!


sat 19

Louie’s: 34 Murray Street, Marrickville.
Saturday, July 19, 2008 at 8:00pm

KITCHENS FLOOR – World’s nicest dude Matt (also da main-man in Look!Pond) and buddy Julia playing killer outsider folk/pop tunes. Bloody great songwriters! All the way from Brisbane. *Also playing at the where?house Saturday night.

CIRCLE PIT – Wall-o-sound heavy boogie rock in full force five piece mode. Bound to be the headbangers ball.

ALPS – Resident of Newcastle/the world Chris Hearn armed with a Yamaha Keyboard, Xylophone, Drum machine, cassette recorder, two hands, voice etc. Great lo-fi pop. Some songs are uppers, others are total downers.

PEE WEE – 100% fun!!! Teenagery punx with a surf/garage vibe featuring members of Straight Arrows and Dead Farmers. DA ULTIMATE PARTY BAND.

BABY COFFIN – Lloyd Honeybrook of the much hated Happy Go Hate Fuck on amplified sax and Brendan Walls of the much hated Menstruation Sisters on bass (i think??). Their first live show, got high hopes
for this one!



sat 19

dirty shirlows, 32 shirlow st, marrickville
cut to bits

xian vs b.i.n.t.
dj rainbow ejaculation
dj anal erection
unhappy animals make bad meat

$5 9pm


mark this one in your diaries

MONDAY July 28th at
dirty shirlows, 32 shirlow st, marrickville

$10 8pm first band

“Not only are Graf Orlock’s tunes uproariously nihilistic but concise and poignant, morphing the innovative savagery of Pig Destroyer and Brutal Truth with scathing punk cynicism. ”Corpserate Greed”’s two minutes and 18 seconds careen around three priceless Joe Pantoliano samples. In the movie he plays a variation of what expert ’80s action deconstructionists Ruthless Reviews call ”the Stupid Chief,” breathlessly berating Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s body count for necessitating, yes, ”detectives detecting shit” and forensic teams having to stick corpses ”back in the fucking
bags.” It’s trivial, silly blockbuster ear candy, but the decontextualization and shuffling of the dialogue makes for an artful, grotesque exchange that couldn’t be more metal. Pantoliano’s tantrums buffer neck-snapping blastbeats, bad cop/worse cop freakouts and curiously enough Hatebreed-style staccato, which is all that’s left by the militaristic outro. On an EP heavy on Alien worship, is Graf Orlock’s Bad Boys II nod simply wink-wink turd-polishing? Or is Michael Bay’s cash-cow clusterfuck like Reagan-era staples Red Dawn, Invasion USA or Commando representative of something
sociopolitically deeper and darker?”

early warning on this one as it’s a monday night.  please venture out for this if you can as the touring bands specifically requested to have an ALL AGES show in sydney and this was the only free night.

++  i’ll either be at these events or wishing i was there  ++

What’s Cool and Unusual – 23rd April 2008

Pic: inside Dirty Shirlows

wed 23

consolador de dos caras
la campana, 53-55 liverpool st, sydney
$10 8pm

this is the one we’ve been waiting for! and the line up has blossomed madly! first band will be on at 8.30 tonight so BE EARLY!

the laurels – the laurels are a 5 piece psychedelic/shoegaze band from sydney. first taking the stage in june 2006, the laurels juggernaut has accumulated accolades, guitar pedals and fans in approximately equal proportion.

Vialka – Vialka is an inflatable submarine that survived the commercial war. It travels unrestlessly around the world to explore the rich diversity of its cultures before it is too late. Vialka is a noisy comedy not ashamed of its own way by scorn or ridicule. It is an invitation to dance to steady explosive rhythms, terror melodies and experimental movements. It is a symphony for humble flesh through the high spirits of rock’n’roll. Globetrotting mavericks and dynamic two piece from everywhere and nowhere, Vialka unfailingly blow the minds of the uninitiated! With the world’s smallest and hardest hitting female drummer and ungodliest (un)bearded baritone guitarist, this band surpasses all expectation of the possibilities of popular music!

ian wadley – played with bird blobs, jandek , mick turner plus a whole list as long as your arm. have a look at the website for more info. Oh and also brother to greg of new waver fame

the question – Formed through a combination of too much time + equipment and lack of like minded individuals. no more sitting around >>>time to mess around.

as if these bands weren’t enough there will be other crazy shit going on in the front room:


– 10kfreemen is the alias of Tom Gilmore, an Australian chiptune artist. Tom began making Game Boy music in early 2007 with very little exposure to the world of chiptune. His early minimalistic style developed with his exposure and increased involvement with the scene, along with the development of a live show to express himself to new audiences and expose a new genre of music to an unaware Sydney, Australia. http://10kfreemen.com http://myspace.com/thefloortom


Often described as a mathematical anomaly, Divide is setting out togive a big lo-fi fuck you to mathematicians. ”Anomalise this, cunts” he has been heard to say, wielding a gameboy in each hand whilst shooting lazers out of his eyes. He also occasional designs flyers for No Frills.


In the wild, Przewalski’s Horses live in social groups consisting of a dominant stallion, a dominant lead mare, other mares, and their offspring. The patterns of their daily lives exhibit horse behavior similar to that of feral horse herds: Each group has a well-defined home range; within the range, the herd travels between three and six miles a day, spending time grazing, drinking, using salt licks anddozing. The stallions can frequently be seen sniffing dung piles to confirm scent markings, and playing out 8-bit tunes in Sydney.


When not elbow-deep in recreational autopsy, Abortifacient likes to program Breakcore. Born in 2005, Abortifacient has taken his brand of Queensland Breakcore on a Japanese tour. Like a Gabber set at the Gympie Muster, Abortifacient’s live shows blend Psychobilly, Chiptunes, and Horror Film Fanaticism.

plus the usual DIY markets – bring your wares if you have something to sell


fri 25

‘stikki records’
510 king street, newtown , sydney
12.30pm all ages FREE

capa capo
death cage
rocksteady dub militia
doin it for the money
fuck oath.

its a public holiday so no excuses!


sat 26

wolli creek outdoor acoustic entertainment society
1pm meet at turella station

+ more


sat 26

Name: Killerwatts System presents…
Tagline: Death from Above
Host: Killerwatts
Type: Party – Night of Mayhem
Time and Place
Start Time: Saturday, April 26, 2008 at 9:30pm
End Time: Sunday, April 27, 2008 at 12:30am

Location: Dirty Shirlows Warehouse
City/Town: Marrickville, Australia


see breakcore.com.au or killerwatts.info on the day for more info


sat 26

vic on the park
Cnr Enmore Rd & Addison Rd, Enmore
8pm $10

Schrodingers Cat

Luca Brasi(Melbourne)

Dining in Tuscany

Hospital the Musical

i really wish i could go to this as it’s luca brasi’s only show in sydney this weekend. i’ve heard good things about dining in tuscany and i still haven’t seen hospital the musical or schrodingers cat! in my absence you should go check it out! and then head on round to dirty shirlows for mad dancing.


sat 26

YR wherehouse (contact me if you need address details)
8pm $?

castings, onani, pfm, pagan dawn


sun 27

low tea
jura books, 440 paramatta rd, petersham
11am free

from kat thaw:

i’m really excited about this sunday!!! we’re having a big tea / cake party at jura bookshop, with music by loads of lurvely ladies and then a bit of a discussion about women in diy music and activism.

my good friend lena has come up from melbourne to grace us with her gorgeous sounds, louise has some new tunes for our listening pleasure, anna will tearour hearts out with her musical tales and i’ll play some little bits i’ve been working on.

there’ll be a huge spread of vegan cakes and treats! feel free to bring some along if you’re extra inspired. and we’ve plenty of tea cups to go around!

most importantly there’s going to be a discussion of women and queers in diy and activist communities in sydney, but more broadly as well. don’t be shy – come and contribute!

the whole thingo kicks off at 11am on sunday morning (27th april) so don’t sleep in too much or you’ll miss out on all the edible goodies! jura bookshop is easy to get to – a five minute walk down crystal street from etersham station, or a short bus ride from central station down parramatta road. it’s number 440 on parramatta road, just a block from where norton street meets parramatta road. just next to the flag shop and opposite the bald faced stag (pub) if that helps.


sun 27

thirroul neighbourhood centre
1pm $5

hospital the musical
mary jane kelly
run! hide!
sound the mute
hira hira
let me down jungle man gently


get prepared for Malaysian screamo merchants DAIGHILA in sydney next weekend (sunday 6pm at hot new space Dirty Shirlows with amazing support from former republics, ohana and the thaw!)


++ i’ll either be at these events or wishing i was there ++

The Thaw at Chatswood Youth Centre – 13th April 2006

16th May 2021 – I’d forgotten about these shows. Having caught the show organising bug and wanting to stay out of the pub and bar venues as much as possible I decided to approach my local youth centre, just a minutes walk away from home, as they had just built a rehearsal room for aspiring musicians. I ended up doing three or four shows here but others took over to continue the legacy and I would often walk past some evenings or weekends and the Centre would be packed with young hardcore kids listening to their friends bands playing in the corner of the room. I felt very proud that I had played a part in getting that happening, even though the music wasn’t much to my tastes.

From the Thaw blogspot:

to celebrate the opening of a new rehearsal space at chatswood youth centre we’re taking part in a massive “rock vs hip-hop” night of all ages splendour. its us and colatia and chaosmaths, and a rad doco screening too.

we be bringing the forces of ‘rock’ to the suburbs on thursday 13th april. the night kicks off at around 6pm and in a whirlwind will finish somewhere near 8pm. its only $5 to witness the radness with all proceeds going towards helping the youth. and no excuses – its only 5 mins from chatwood train station so utilise public transport children.