What’s Cool and Unusual – 16th July 2008

wed 16

la campana, 53-55 liverpool st, sydney

dualpLOVER in conjunction with 2SER and tenzenmen present club

this week cloth ear presents:

Matthew Hopkins and Jonathon Hochman – like wizards with electronic devices , may have mind probes so approach with caution beware matthew hopkins’s future time travel machine. DON’T LOOK INTO THEIR EYES WHILE THEY ARE PLAYING OR YOU MIGHT FIND YOURSELF IN THE FUTURE.

XWAVE – loud abrasive noisy c**ts from the mountains.Like wizards with apples and heroin , weird horrible / beautiful sound that will make you feel extremely happysad

Cabaret Callado (Brazil) –  new folk album “Mecanismo Objeto” is almost ready , don’t miss the brazillian master of psychedelic neo folk in another rare solo appearance.

plus usual DIY markets and crazy dj’s in the front room

$5 is all it takes for a good wednesday night out.



wed 16

message from lloyd:

Yeah that’s right, another email from some ‘struggling artist’ (read: some dude making horrible music that you aren’t going to come see anyway) about some gig that will either be cancelled at the last minute due to venue/transport/amp/zombie army/irreconcilable-dispute-between-band-member troubles or simply three people will show up to (the promoter, one band member’s girlfriend and some guy who just heard that Naked on the Vague were
playing even though they’re not).

Wednesday night I’m taking part in a revised version of Brendan Walls’ gamepiece “Chess” that was debuted at the NOW now festival at the beginning of this year.  Also playing are the Walls himself and James Iha from the Smashing Pumpkins.  Or Title Records, I’m not entirely sure.  Either way, about a hundred amps, little noisy thingies, a chess board and a banjo will be used to make transcendental blah blah blah you’re not listening.  WHO SAID POST-MODERN MUSIC WAS DEAD?  

If you’ve actually read this far and are still interested then (what the hell?) it’s taking place at 405 hibernian
house (342 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills, just across from central station) and we’ll be playing with other collectives/bands/people/”musicians”.  No idea who because there has been precisely zero promotion for this event.  Big


fri 18

Friday July 18th @where?house

CASTINGS, KITCHENS FLOOR, 2779 + a mystery group that may involve members of Vincent Over The Sink

8pm opening…$8 entry

_Castings will probably play first.

_Kitchens Floor are from Brisbane. Matt (Look Pond, Minxx) and Julia play beautiful, eccentric, minimalist acoustic pop music. they are one of the best young groups in the country today in my not-so-humble opinion. think of Beat Happening, Neu and ”Hi, How Are You?” at a house party and you are close.

fuck! where do i start. trance-inducing but jaw dropping at the same time, this group from the mountains consists of Ben, Adam (Stasis Duo / XWave) and Matt (xNOBBQx / Stasis Duo). fucked up psych/noise/garage/punk/primitive/minimalist bliss. fuck No New York, come see 2779!

message me or myspace.com/castings for the where?abouts or the venue.


sat 19

red rattler, 6 faversham street, marrickville
7pm $5

scooter presents

go go go go (brisbane)
haisha haisha

awesome new venue in marrickville!  please support this space as a lot of people have invested a LOT of money and time in this place!  totally legal too!


sat 19

Louie’s: 34 Murray Street, Marrickville.
Saturday, July 19, 2008 at 8:00pm

KITCHENS FLOOR – World’s nicest dude Matt (also da main-man in Look!Pond) and buddy Julia playing killer outsider folk/pop tunes. Bloody great songwriters! All the way from Brisbane. *Also playing at the where?house Saturday night.

CIRCLE PIT – Wall-o-sound heavy boogie rock in full force five piece mode. Bound to be the headbangers ball.

ALPS – Resident of Newcastle/the world Chris Hearn armed with a Yamaha Keyboard, Xylophone, Drum machine, cassette recorder, two hands, voice etc. Great lo-fi pop. Some songs are uppers, others are total downers.

PEE WEE – 100% fun!!! Teenagery punx with a surf/garage vibe featuring members of Straight Arrows and Dead Farmers. DA ULTIMATE PARTY BAND.

BABY COFFIN – Lloyd Honeybrook of the much hated Happy Go Hate Fuck on amplified sax and Brendan Walls of the much hated Menstruation Sisters on bass (i think??). Their first live show, got high hopes
for this one!



sat 19

dirty shirlows, 32 shirlow st, marrickville
cut to bits

xian vs b.i.n.t.
dj rainbow ejaculation
dj anal erection
unhappy animals make bad meat

$5 9pm


mark this one in your diaries

MONDAY July 28th at
dirty shirlows, 32 shirlow st, marrickville

$10 8pm first band

“Not only are Graf Orlock’s tunes uproariously nihilistic but concise and poignant, morphing the innovative savagery of Pig Destroyer and Brutal Truth with scathing punk cynicism. ”Corpserate Greed”’s two minutes and 18 seconds careen around three priceless Joe Pantoliano samples. In the movie he plays a variation of what expert ’80s action deconstructionists Ruthless Reviews call ”the Stupid Chief,” breathlessly berating Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s body count for necessitating, yes, ”detectives detecting shit” and forensic teams having to stick corpses ”back in the fucking
bags.” It’s trivial, silly blockbuster ear candy, but the decontextualization and shuffling of the dialogue makes for an artful, grotesque exchange that couldn’t be more metal. Pantoliano’s tantrums buffer neck-snapping blastbeats, bad cop/worse cop freakouts and curiously enough Hatebreed-style staccato, which is all that’s left by the militaristic outro. On an EP heavy on Alien worship, is Graf Orlock’s Bad Boys II nod simply wink-wink turd-polishing? Or is Michael Bay’s cash-cow clusterfuck like Reagan-era staples Red Dawn, Invasion USA or Commando representative of something
sociopolitically deeper and darker?”

early warning on this one as it’s a monday night.  please venture out for this if you can as the touring bands specifically requested to have an ALL AGES show in sydney and this was the only free night.

++  i’ll either be at these events or wishing i was there  ++

Let me know your thoughts

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