Wang Wen – Eight Horses – 3rd January 2015

Cat #: 163TZM

Wistful, dreamy, romantic, visceral and truly eclectic, Wang Wen, is the diamond in the rough. If there was ever a Chinese language inflected band that proves western-influenced post-rock is spreading throughout the world like wild fire, it is this quintet from the unlikeliest of locals, the heart of PRC shipping mecca, Dalian. Led by singer/ principal songwriter/ guitarist/ laptop maestro/ antiquated electronics aficionado Xie Yugang, Wang Wen formed in 1999. Six albums and one EP later, they haven’t looked back since.

The Eight Horses double LP, Wang Wen’s first for Genjing Records, runs like thick melancholic molasses peppered with progressive indie-rock sensibilities, while consistently flowing and soaring with the beauty of a dream. “There is a Chinese saying, which goes, ‘When I start to move, I can be faster than a rabbit: when I come to a rest I am like a sleeping baby,” elaborates Xie Yugang. “Our music is like this. We want to make fast music that wakes people up, that moves people. Yet again, we want to make calm music that makes people dream like a newborn child.” Sung in contemporary Mandarin with an extremely modern twist, Xie Yugang is true to his word. Check out the drawn-out, melancholic rock eruption that is “Escape From Mother Earth ” and the cathartically concise melancholy of opener “Northern North”.

Is it odd that a band from China could appeal to western audiences? Not according to Xie Yugang, “We all have the same longings and desires,” he says. “Music is the one thing that transcends cultural boundaries. It’s a language that can be understood all over the world.” 

Written and Performed by Wang Wen

Recorded by An Jiguo at Echo Library, Dalian, China in March 2014

Mixed by
Wouter Vlaeminck (The Last Journey, Welcome to Utopia)
Yang Haisong (Sky of Dalian, Ten Thousand Buddhas, Dionysus)
Wang Yanan (Northern North, Escape from Mother Universe)
An Jiguo (The Eight Layer of Hell)

Wang Wen are
Xie Yugang – Guitar & Vocals
Geng Xin – Guitar
Xu Zengzheng – Bass
Zhang Yanfeng – Piano, Strings Arrangement, Melodica
Zhou Lianjiang – Drums
Huang Kai – Trumpet & Alto Horn

Additional Musicians
Qu Ruining and Wang Yanan from Which Park

Cartavetro – Here It Comes, Tramontane! – 1st March 2013

Cat #: 130TZM

Here it Comes, Tramontane! (a global joint release between 9 labels) featuring Minutemen/Stooges bassist Mike Watt, celebrates CRTVTR’s recent tour of China which was supported by crowd funding with a sizable donation from tenzenmen.

Cartaverto’s music is suspended between Washington post punk and a touch of diverted contemporary psychedelia. Splatters of post rock, sprays of math. Electro-acoustic feedbacks and vocal loops, remnants of Morricone. They are a power trio and they like to experiment with full range dynamics, surprise the audience, or at least try to. They go around in a van called Flauto. They are part of DisorderDrama, which is the association of reference to the international DIY scene, in Genoa. They support the co-release system, because they like it, because this is the DIY way .

Duck Fight Goose – Sports – 1st July 2012

Cat #: 097TZM

Sports is the first full-length from widely touted Shanghai artists Duck Fight Goose, fresh from their invite to SXSW and History 7” release earlier this year.

The eleven-track album combines elements of ambient post-rock and math-rock, with heavily textured songs that build layers upon layers before blooming into complex psychedelic mosaics.

Sports represents a creative leap from Duck Fight Goose’s first release, the straightforward math-rock EP, Flow, and has been roundly acclaimed in the Chinese press as one of the best albums of 2012.

Alternative China – 4th April 2012

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Nikko – About the Spirit – 22nd August 2011

Cat #: 077TZM

Nikko’s latest release, a double A-side single entitled ‘About the Spirit/Smoke Alarms’, features two new tracks taken from the band’s upcoming sophomore album, due for release later this year. 

The tracks demonstrate a stylistic change in direction that showcases frontman Ryan Potter’s skills as a songwriter and lyricist, along with the band’s collective ability to craft these skills into distinctive and compelling arrangements. 

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Limited copies of the 7″ available thru tenzenmen soon.

Ryan Potter – vocals, electric and acoustic guitars 
Sam Whiting – bass 
Jackson Briggs – lead guitar, slide 
Blair Westbrook – drums, percussion 

Guest vocals on ‘About the Spirit’ by Jacinta Walker 
Violin on ‘About the Spirit’ by Adam Cadell 
Piano on ‘Smoke Alarms’ by Daniel Kassulke 

Recorded by Cameron Smith at The Old Museum and Browning Street Studios in June/July 2011. Mixed by Cameron Smith. Mastered by Naomune Anzai at Reel 2 Real Mix Master. Artwork by Trent Evans. 

Special thanks to Cam Smith, Nao Anzai, Jacinta Walker, Adam Cadell, Daniel Kassulke, Elanor Khan, Trent “Big Dog” Evans, Shaun Tenzenmen, all of our wonderful friends and family, anyone who’s ever bought a recording, come to a show or let us sleep on their floor, and the Brisbane and Australian independent music community. Cheers!

Nikko – The Warm Side – 1st May 2010

Cat #: 036TZM

The Warm Side is the debut album from Brisbane band, Nikko. It is a collection of nine songs written over the past three years. The album was recorded in August 2009 at Black Box Studios in Brisbane by Melbourne- based engineer Naomune Anzai (Laura, Because of Ghosts) and Matt Taylor. It was mixed and mastered by Naomune Anzai at Reel to Real Mix Master in Melbourne. 

With its eerie yet beautiful guitar melodies, driving rhythm section and droning violin, organ and trumpet parts, The Warm Side encompasses an array of lush textures that create an engaging dynamic. This unique sound embodies what Brisbane has come to expect from Nikko, capturing the energy of the band’s well-renowned live show with the polish of Naomune Anzai’s reputed flair for treating atmospheric rock. This debut album is the culmination of years of solid gigging, self-recording and self-releasing that has seen Nikko refine their genre-blending style.