Cartavetro – Here It Comes, Tramontane! – 1st March 2013

Cat #: 130TZM

Here it Comes, Tramontane! (a global joint release between 9 labels) featuring Minutemen/Stooges bassist Mike Watt, celebrates CRTVTR’s recent tour of China which was supported by crowd funding with a sizable donation from tenzenmen.

Cartaverto’s music is suspended between Washington post punk and a touch of diverted contemporary psychedelia. Splatters of post rock, sprays of math. Electro-acoustic feedbacks and vocal loops, remnants of Morricone. They are a power trio and they like to experiment with full range dynamics, surprise the audience, or at least try to. They go around in a van called Flauto. They are part of DisorderDrama, which is the association of reference to the international DIY scene, in Genoa. They support the co-release system, because they like it, because this is the DIY way .

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