Gamnad737/Grave Blankets – 25th August 2019

Cat #:199TZM

Grave Blankets: 

Grave Blankets is Steve, Kyle and Dave. 
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Harsh Noise from Bangkok, Thailand, Main project of “Arkat Vinyapiroath” The sounds of liberation which may lead to free the others from their inner confinement, Bangkok Noise outfit who represents the stories through recordings from time to time in both acoustic and electric sound synthesis.

Grave Blankets: 

Recorded with signals sent from land to space to land again and again and again. Thanks to resistors and capacitors. 


Gamnad737’s track recorded, mixed, mastered by Arkat Vinyapiroath at Moontone Records in 2019 


Artwork and layout by Dave Petersen 
Yarhn, Vaccine and Sacrifice mastered by Jeff White

Lái – Demo – 4th July 2019

Cat #: 200TZM

Lái play Swedish influenced fast paced raging d-beat punk that propels the ferocious vocals right into the face of the listener. Vocalist Alda’s lyrics engage with voices that explore politics, religion, feminism and queer rights in South East Asia and the diaspora. Vocals are deliveried in both Bahasa Indonesian and English and the band name is taken from the Chinese Mandarin phrase meaning ‘to come/next.’ Lái invoke these diasporic identities and themes through punk, mixing ideas and personal experiences that often inter-connect but also continue to conflict in the world around us.

For fans of Totalitar & G.L.O.S.S., featuring members of Pisschrist, Extinct Exist, Masses, Ubik & Occult Blood. First released as a limited run of 100 cassettes in August 17th 2018 on Lost in Fog Records.

Struggle Session – Sudamérica Ruido y Amor – 4th July 2019

Cat #: 198TZM

“33 shows in 37 days, the numbers seemed unreal as we set off screaming through 7 countries, crossing an entire continent. It was a tour we’d dreamed about, some of us for years others for just the past six months, excited about new places to explore and new people to meet, different languages and different cultures. An utterly DIY tour that we’d planned and booked ourselves; we slept on floors, played in houses, in squats, in burnt out buildings, anti-fascist boxing gyms, and on the street. We played with amazing bands in cities we’d never even heard of before. We shared food and philosophies of life. We got free tattoos, free CDs, and free beer. We didn’t sleep for days on end. We ran out of clean underwear. We got tired and worn down, we fought and got sick, yet had no choice except to continue. We met amazing people and fell in love, with new friends, and with life. We may have even learned something about the world, each other, and ourselves. As the days flew by, each felt like a lifetime, each city a whole world onto itself. The tour became too much to take in all at once, its totality became a blur, while each individual memory burnt itself into our minds and our hearts.

Sudámerica Ruido y Amor is about that trip. 33 songs speed by in under 10 minutes, one for every city we played. Each track recounts a unique moment, a shared joke, or a crystallized emotion inspired by the people we met, the bands we played with, and the cities we visited. Styles clash and collide as the days bleed together and cities come and go, yet through the chaos, a common theme appears, one of the kindnesses of strangers and the power of community. We hope that this EP will stand as a document, not only of what we’ve done but also of those who helped us along our way. We also hope that it serves as an inspiration for others to seek out all the vibrant scenes supporting DIY music both on and off the map, in South America or wherever the music takes you. Above all these are love songs to all those we met on our tour. Sudámerica ruido y amor!” 

enema noise – eventos inevitáveis – 3rd July 2018

Cat #: 191TZM

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Distributed throughout South East Asia by Terr-Records.

eventos inevitáveis (2017)

daniel: bateria, voz (2,3,4,6,10), guitarra (4)
murilo: guitarra (1,4,8,9,10) baixo (2,5,7) teclado (3)
lamim: voz, guitarra (2,3,6,8), baixo (1,3,4,9,10)

baterias e vozes gravadas no estúdio afra (brasília)
capa: leonardo oliveira (

enema noise (2016)

Mix & master by Mammoth Green Records (
Photo by Lovelove6:

Brasilia, Brasil

Bichano Records:
Share This Breath:
Transtorninho Records:

Automating/Torturing Nurse – Contest to Kill 100 People – 10th August 2012

Cat #: 095TZM

The contest to kill 100 people using a sword (百人斬り競争 hyakunin-giri kyōsō) is a wartime account of a “contest” between two Japanese Army officers during the Japanese invasion of China over which of them could first kill 100 people with his sword. The two officers were later executed on war crimes charges for their involvement. Since that time, the historicity of the event has been hotly contested, often by Japanese nationalists or revisionist historians seeking to invalidate the historiography of the Nanjing Massacre.

The issue first emerged from a series of wartime Japanese-language newspaper articles, which celebrated the “heroic” killing of Chinese by two Japanese officers, who were engaged in a competition to see who could kill the most first.The issue was revived in the 1970s and sparked a larger controversy over Japanese war crimes in China, and in particular the Nanking Massacre.

The original newspaper accounts described the killings as hand-to-hand combat; historians have suggested that they were more likely just another part of the widespread mass killings of defenseless prisoners.

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