Gamnad737/Grave Blankets – 25th August 2019

Cat #:199TZM

Grave Blankets: 

Grave Blankets is Steve, Kyle and Dave. 
More at:


Harsh Noise from Bangkok, Thailand, Main project of “Arkat Vinyapiroath” The sounds of liberation which may lead to free the others from their inner confinement, Bangkok Noise outfit who represents the stories through recordings from time to time in both acoustic and electric sound synthesis.

Grave Blankets: 

Recorded with signals sent from land to space to land again and again and again. Thanks to resistors and capacitors. 


Gamnad737’s track recorded, mixed, mastered by Arkat Vinyapiroath at Moontone Records in 2019 


Artwork and layout by Dave Petersen 
Yarhn, Vaccine and Sacrifice mastered by Jeff White

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