The Week That Was – 22nd April 1979

Record of the week: M – Pop Musik
Highest Entry – Boney M – Holiday – 19

15th Mar 2022 – Hooray! Hooray! It’s a Holi-holiday! Boney M were goofy and likeable. I saw an interesting documentary about them the other day. I don’t think they even sang their own songs. Was this cynically released during the school holiday? I think so! I was so obsessed with M’s Pop Musik.

22nd April 1979
Was able to watch That’s Life

23rd April 1979
Not much happened today

24th April 1979
First day at school was all right
2p 2p

25th April 1979
Forgot to get charts yesterday so I got them today
European Cup Semi-Final (2nd Leg)
FC Cologne 0-1 Forest

26th April 1979
1. Art Garfunkel – Bright Eyes
2. Racey – Some Girls
3. Squeeze – Cool For Cats
4. Jacksons – Shake Your Body
5. M – Pop Muzik
2p 2p

27th April 1979
Matthew came down
2p 2p

28th April 1979
Do bricks
No six-a-side again
Ipswich 2-1 Spurs

15th Mar 2022 – I would have been in the second year (of four) in middle school, 11 years old. I don’t remember playing six-a-side but the main football team would be comprised of first and second years for the junior team and third and fourth years for the senior team. So, being a second-year and a prolific striker I was looked up to quite a lot. But then in the next year, I would be looked down upon again. The English class system ensured the hierarchies were maintained in school, though I imagine it’s similar everywhere else.

Digging around for pictures online I found this drone view video and it doesn’t look like much has changed in 40 years or more. I even recognise pictures in the assembly/gym hall with its gym-climbing frames, entrance to the changing room and the sports storage room, to which I was consigned when I was in the fourth year because I was too shy to go swimming and begged my mum not to make me go since they started charging a minimal fee for it. Save your money, mum!

All I had to do was tidy it up, which took a boy 5 minutes. At the end of term, I asked the PE teacher if I could keep a book I had found there. It was a tennis umpires scorebook and I was fascinated with its layout, tables and use. I guess I had already been interested in tables, charts and scores with keeping track of my car races, football leagues and music charts.

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