The Week That Was – 29th April 1979

Record of the week: The Members – Offshore Banking Business Genghis Khan – Genghis Khan
Highest entry: Abba – Does Your Mother Know

18th Mar 2022 – Revisiting Genghis Khan cracked me up. I can understand its appeal to an eleven-year-old. Abba were riding their wave but I don’t remember this song at all. Though I can enjoy some of their music now, because it was everywhere, non-stop, at the time, it symbolised the generic pop junk that was to be rebelled against.

29th April 1979
Forgotten (30th April)
2p 2p

30th April 1979
Quite good today suppose

18th Mar 2022 – I was trying to make sure I filled in every entry in my diary – even if there was nothing to say.

1st May 1979
Almost forgot about charts
Brought wrong book home so wrote on paper
Find out results tomorrow
2p 2p 148p*

2nd May 1979
Mum got magazines today
About yesterday – s,a’right
* = in debt

18th Mar 2022 – I think it’s interesting that I was keeping track of my finances or lack of them. I didn’t seem to learn anything from this. When I started working I always spent all my money before the next payday came around. Perhaps that is what I learned. So I can blame my mother for allowing me to go into debt and that becoming the norm.

I am happy to say that from my thirties onwards I have been able to manage my money much better and I have managed to never use a credit card and never had any debt. I think this has led to less stress in my life. At least, around that issue.

3rd May 1979
1. Art Garfunkel – Bright Eyes
2. Racey – Some Girls
3. M – Pop Muzik
4. Boney M – Holiday
5. Wings – Goodnight Tonight

4th May 1979
Not a lot happened today
2p 142p*

5th May 1979
sr 5.26 ss 8.29
Rangers 1-0 Celtic – at Hampden
Chelsea 2-3 Ipswich

18th Mar 2022 – One of the few things I miss about living in England are the long summer days. And on the opposite spectrum, I do not miss the long winter nights. Although sometimes I feel like I want to endure them again just to get a balance. Wrapping up in layers of clothes, enjoying entry into a heated room. I have memories of walking home from the football club after a few beers and a joint, listening to the Ozric Tentacles and trying not to slip on the icy roads. The air was white with cold.

But I don’t even enjoy the cool winter nights in Thailand now. I’m acclimatised or getting old. Let’s say acclimatised.

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