The Week That Was – 3rd June 1979

Record of the week: M – M Factor
Highest entry: Squeeze – Up The Junction

20th Apr 2022 – M Factor was the b-side of Pop Muzik and is a preferable listen these days as Pop Muzik became too successful and familiar. Squeeze’s Up The Junction is another classic pop tune that makes me want to go and seek out more of their music though I have a feeling I may have done this in the past and been disappointed to discover that they were just a great singles band.

3rd June 1979
Since I bought Banana Splits, I’ve never not played it

20th Apr 2022 – Music obsession was forming fast this year. Of course, at the time it was much more difficult to hear new music and there were far fewer options for entertainment. This really focused interest on whatever it was that caught your attention.

4th June 1979
Average day
First day back at school

5th June 1979
Qualified for everything except High Jump and Long Jump in Athletics
2p 2p

20th Apr 2022 – As well as being in the football team I was good at sprinting and other field events. I eventually got good at Long Jump and High Jump too. In the last couple of years, an old school friend posted on Facebook about how I seemed to be nonchalantly unconcerned about these events and that it seems I was just very casually good (or better than other participants at the time) at them. I was quite proud of myself but when moving up to high school later, the competition got much stronger. I still did fairly well though.

6th June 1979
Find out whether I get into the top four in Athletics (June 5th)
I know I got into the Sprint and cricket bungin’
I don’t know about Long Jump
Gotta sore throat
2p 78p*

20th Apr 2022 – We didn’t often play cricket in PE but at this time we were too young to be trusted with javelins so there was an event to see who could throw a cricket ball the furthest. I loved this and I was very good at it. One time, balls were being returned from the field and Jonathan Duncan wasn’t paying attention. A ball came flying at speed and smacked him right on the temple, with an echoing clunk. His eyes rolled and his legs crumpled as he dropped to the grass. He soon got back up and went to the sick bay for a while but earned his deserved reputation as a ‘tough nut’.

7th June 1979
1. Blondie – Sunday Girl
2. Roxy Music – Dance Away
3. Anita Ward – Ring My Bell
4. Earth Wind And Fire – Boogie Wonderland
5. Peaches and Herb – Reunited
6. ELO
Not at school got bad throat

20th Apr 2022 – Sick again. I wonder if I was really sick, or I probably was a little but not really that bad. Well, that habit certainly continued for the following 40 years or so. Lucky that I always had a set wage. As I learn about and see different parts of the world I realise how much I have taken for granted in my life.

8th June 1979
Off school again
Matthew came down. I found out that I’m not in Long Jump.

20th Apr 2022 – Not so sick that friends couldn’t come and play! And likely I was making a healthy recovery by lunchtime when it would be too late to bother going to school. As kids, we already know how to play the game.

9th June 1979
Arnold Muhren is Ipswich’s Player of the Year
2p 2p

20th Apr 2022 – Arnold Muhren and Franz Thiessen were the first players (of note at least) from abroad to play in the English League. It was a big discussion point at the time. In the following 20 years, things moved along to the point that it seemed as if some teams had NO English players.

Football feels fully biased towards the teams with the most money and spending power so that there are very few exceptions to the same 6-10 teams winning every year. Although somewhat floored, I like the systems in place in Australia to try and balance things out as much as they can.


20th Apr 2022 – 52 out of 70 seems pretty good for a week I was supposedly sick.

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