The Week That Was – 27th May 1979

Record of the week: Ian Dury – What the Dickens Inbetweenies
Highest entry: Anita Ward – Ring My Bell

12th Apr 2022 – For a favourite tune of the time I don’t remember how this Ian Dury song goes but I do remember the annoying Anita Ward tune. It’s not bad. Just annoying.

27th May 1979
Them lot came round staying all today and tomorrow

12th Apr 2022 – An obvious connection between ‘them lot’ staying and the score for the day.

28th May 1979
Rangers 3-2 Hibs
2p 2p

12th Apr 2022 – 28?! What the hell? How does that work? Rangers were my Scottish team of choice due to their wearing blue. Stranraer was my second Scottish team for the same reason and that they never did well. I don’t think they ever made it out of the second division whilst I followed them. Another example of rooting for the underdog.

29th May 1979
From yesterday I’ll be giving marks on the day. They’ll be out of ten and will be totalled up at the end of the week for a mark out of 70.
60 this week

12th Apr 2022 – A reasonable (yet meaningless) statistical indicator.

I recently used the FutureMe online application where you write an email (to yourself but can include others) scheduled to be delivered in the future. Writing up these diary entries offers a similar proposition even if they are quite non-specific. A vague reminder of a time and place that often feels like it belonged to someone else. In a way, I guess it did.

30th May 1979
European Cup Final
Forest 1-0 Malmo FC
Malmo should’ve won

12th Apr 2022 – I hated Nottingham Forest and Brian Clough, possibly for the only reason that they wore red.

I watched some old football highlights from 1973 yesterday and it was weird to see the style of play back then. And the haircuts. With less money influencing the sport it felt a lot more real. The players looked like they all went out for a beer after the game. They just looked like your regular Peters and Pauls. They just happened to be footballers. There probably was still a cult of personality about them but not to the extremes of today’s standards. The stands were jam-packed with people and no stadiums had seating. Even the shitty TV quality is super nostalgic though I don’t have any desire to return to that.

31st May 1979
1. Blondie – Sunday Girl
2. Roxy Music – Dance Away
3. M – Pop Muzik
4. Peaches and Herb – Reunited
5. Earth Wind And Fire – Boogie Wonderland

1st June 1979
Got a watch
By the way, the watch is NEW
Very sunny
Got Pop Muzik

12th Apr 2022 – This watch may have a green LED, one of the first of its time though this technology soon got overrun by LCD. As I highlight the watch being new I guess all my previous watches had been second hand and I thought that was terrific. I stopped wearing watches as a teenager, testing myself to quantify time and pay attention to ways to find the time without having to ask people for it. I finally got the Pop Muzik 7″, though disappointingly with no picture sleeve.

2nd June 1979
Got an Ipswich hat yesterday. It’s the real one, not just an ordinary un.

12th Apr 2022 – Again, wanting to highlight the fact that this was the expensive option item, buying from the club and not from the market. Maybe I felt like I needed to advance my station?


12th Apr 2022 – Trevor Francis went to Nottingham Forest for one million pounds this year – the first-ever one million pound player. It was a big deal. In my mind, the end of an era for football (looking back at least).

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