The Week That Was – 17th June 1979

Record of the week: Squeeze – Up The Junction
Highest entry: Amii Stewart – Light My Fire

3rd May 2022 – What the world never needed. A disco version of Light My Fire. At least it’s not got Jim Morrison singing it, I suppose! Squeeze – when New Wave still had potential. Great storytelling songwriting performance. It’s hard to comprehend the deep meaning songs like this held, as part of our cultural growth, the collective zeitgeist for those exposed to it and how, now, it’s forgotten and meaningless. Or it feels that way at least. But maybe I’m just in a funny mood.

I think about the impact I might’ve had on some of the people I’ve come across in my life and some days it feels like that moment may have disappeared forever, ineffective, meaningless. Then on other days, I consider how every little bit counts, that they may not be specifically recalled but one’s actions always have an effect, no matter how trivial and small.

I guess I’m projecting what I’ve been reading today back onto this time and a song by Squeeze!

17th June 1979
2p 2p

18th June 1979
Rubbish day – really crap!

3rd May 2022 – If I could go back in time, I would slap myself and tell myself to write more detail!

19th June 1979
Boiling hot, as it has been recently
But there’s a LOW coming

3rd May 2022 – I was watching some video recently about the foibles of the English and one point was that we always talk about the weather, not just as small talk but as main conversation points. Of course, you can analyse all the possible reasons for this but my main thought was that this doesn’t seem to be an idiosyncrasy peculiar to the English.

20th June 1979
Er.Hum.Er.Yes.Er.Erm.Um.In one word
2p 11p

3rd May 2022 – I can hear this only spoken in an English accent. Imagine Basil Fawlty. I feel comfortable enough to make this stereotype.

21st June 1979
1. Anita Ward – Ring My Bell
2. Tubeway Army – Are Friends Electric?
3. Roxy Music – Dance Away
4. Blondie – Sunday Girl
5. Earth Wind and Fire – Boogie Wonderland

22nd June 1979
Seemed pretty long and hot. Went t’ chiropodist got another pad
2p 2p

23rd June 1979
1 year, 1 month, 17 days since Ipswich won the cup.
2p 30p*

3rd May 2022 – My ongoing effort to write something about Ipswich every Saturday. I was already finding ways to cheat the system.

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