*The Week That Was – 5th January 1981

Single of the week: The Motels – Days Are OK

5th January 1981
Last of Something Else
It was good for not a good day

6th January 1981
Gotta finish project
Sex – even Grange Hill is talking about it

7th January 1981
School starts
Nicked a golf ball and tennis scoring sheet from school

8th January 1981
Nothing happened Bored Bored Bored
Nearly bust record player

9th January 1981
Hurray no school tomorrow
Go and see Fog

10th January 1981
Didn’t do much
Ipswich 2 v Notts Forest 0

11th January 1981
Got up at 12

This week’s chart-topper is John Lennon – Imagine
Highest new entry – The Look – I Am The Beat

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