Just a matter of time, how when and where – 17th December 1983

Me and Thoms pissed around in Poole
‘The Devil Rides Out’ was on – ok
Crucifix – Dehumanization
Apostles – Rising From The Ashes

10th Mar 2023 – Thoms! Who was he? I’ll ask Rupert. I think he will remember. ‘pissed around’ – not exactly detailed but in my mind this phrase indicates that it was some kind of useless fun.
Reading the plot online of The Devil Rides Out doesn’t trigger any memories either. Sometimes I consider rewatching some of these old movies I used to enjoy but the pleasure is not so much in the movie but the nostalgia it brings. There are not many movies that really stand the test of time. Entertainment has no depth.
I was thinking about the Apostles and Six Minute War the other day because I was playing guitar and understanding that I will never be a great player but back in the early 80s bands like those mentioned were terrible players too. Maybe not players but their ideas (probably limited by skills) were dull and boring. But that was the essence of punk rock – anyone can do it and they did. That doesn’t necessarily mean it stands the test of time except, as above about movies, it is just for nostalgia.

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