*The Week That Was – 18th December 1983

Record of the week: Crucifix – Dehumanization, Kraut – An Adjustment To Society

18th December 1983
Pissed off with Justin cos we should’ve had a practice
Got pretty bored instead

19th December 1983
Started off bad – ended up alright – nothing special

20th December 1983
Found out Disorder is not on – bloody typical – depressed.
Watched Rollerball – pretty violent, pretty crap

21st December 1983
Finish school – thank god
Go to see Disorder, Amebix, Admass, Manic, Dead Popstars
Silly day at school – bit of a laugh
Watching the Fog tonight – not James Herbert – good fucking film

22nd December 1983
Records came thru’ post – can’t see them tho’ until Christmas (looked at them tho’ haha)
Got letter from Zoe
Not a bad day but nothing special
Carol singers came round so I put on Chaos UK

23rd December 2023
Finished reading ‘The Book of Shadows’
Got to clean the yard – ‘my contribution to Christmas’ – Grandad
Started reading ‘The Fog’
Listening to Kraut all day

24th December 2023
Intend to get pissed in Poole – did slightly
Nearly got in a fight – all the trendy nouveau wankers were enjoying themselves.
Had a chat with the blokes in Our Price.
May this be my last Christmas.

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