Nasty – 27th December 1983

Killer bee stings me
Rash comes up very nasty
Going to town but I’m going crazy
Sit back and die, too lazy
Nasty me, lazy crazy

20th May 2023 – I’ve only ever been stung by bees one time as I was walking off the paths in the woods at the common near home. I knew almost every inch of the woods, paths, bracken and streams. I didn’t notice these bees though and I don’t know if I did anything to upset them without knowing but I suddenly noticed them buzzing around and then felt two stings on my arms under my shirt which I immediately ripped off. My white school shirt. Why do I remember that detail? Anyway, it wasn’t a pleasant experience and possibly inspired this poem. I’ve since been bitten and stung by a host of other nasties but no more bees or wasps so far.

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