*The Week That Was – 26th December 1983

Records of the week: Minor Threat – Out of Step, MDC – Multi Death Corporations, Social Distortion – Mommy’s Little Monster

26th December 1983
Woke up 8 – Couldn’t sleep. Feeling terrible – bad gut. Watching Bugs Bunny at the moment. Going to Lorna’s soon. Nice relaxing day. Sharon, Ken, Mungo and Kim were there as well. Got slightly tipsy – so to speak.

27th December 1983
Woke up 9. Listening to Minor Threat and Social Distortion – not done much really. Got a box to put my LPs in. Been thinking mostly – about this and that. Finished reading The Fog – good.

28th December 1983
Carrie’s on tonight. Met Muz down at Gaunts – bought some fags. Not been doing much again. Reading my Naff Guide. Eddie Waring is ill. Rupert and Sue came over – they gave me some talc.

Eddie Waring

29th December 1983
Went to Poole with Mum. Can’t go to see Zoe – no busses. Got photocopying of the group done. Bought 3 books – Psychlone, The Satanist and Time Enough For Love. Zoe called – had to explain I couldn’t see her. Anarchy in the UK isn’t No. 1 in the Festive 50. (Blue Monday). Started reading The Dark.

30th December 1983
Not much happening today. Watching Battlestar Galactica at the moment. Got a pair of slippers – at last. Trying to arrange meeting – should be on Monday at Justin’s. Cat’s here at the moment. There’s nothing else to fill this space up.

31st December 1983
Went in the afternoon to Poole. Put another £2 on the Youth Brigade LP. Saw the Frantix EP £2.49. Doesn’t look much but it’s probably good. Got a bottle of Merrydown which I’m slurping now. Theatre of Blood is on tonight – it’s good.

1st January 1984
Cat slept with me last night. I got a bit drunk last night. Woke up at 12 again. Went out on the common for a laugh. Was reading most of the day. Not a lot else happened. Had a game of poker with Mum, Granny and Grandad.

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